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DblDKatie18 30F
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9/28/2005 11:29 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

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I just wanna know what is going through guys heads when they meet a girl who can treat them right, gives them whatever they need, and still cheats on them... can anybody help me out here?

rm_4nik8_4u 62M
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9/29/2005 5:28 am

It's called thinking with the wrong HEAD! Really, it is a natural instinct in men to "breed" as many women as possible. It was "moral" rules that said this is wrong and women, for obvious reasons, agreed. Men have to make a conscious effort to NOT have sex with any willing partner. ANY man, I'll say it again, ANY MAN given the opportunity will instinctively want to do it and will suppress those feelings and do his best to do the "right thing". Some can't do it and end up having something on the side.

BigOlSuthnBoy 53M

10/10/2005 3:18 pm

While I agree to some extent with 4nik8, I don't TOTALLY agree. I think it has more to do with an almost total lack of honesty and communication between people. I realize that in a casual sex atmosphere like AdultFriendFinder, communication is not exactly great. However, it would seem to me that a good part of the problem is 1) Not communicating needs and expectations clearly, and 2) flat-out LYING about the above when asked. If we would just be honest, it might put off people up front, but usually it pays off in the end. I knew a guy once that called it "amputating the entire limb instead of cutting it off an inch at the time."

DblDKatie18 30F

11/16/2005 12:53 am

still i don't think it is quite necessary for men to be complete asses

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