Persistence... Oh, and masturbation.  

David_Rizal 38M
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7/16/2006 3:25 pm
Persistence... Oh, and masturbation.

Not content with my performance this morning, I went out and jogged another 1.7 miles tonight. Hmmm. Big deal.
I jogged at an extremely slow and easy pace too. Any slower and I would've been walking. I think I could've easily went and ran 3.4 miles, but I held back. I'm working tomorrow at the same warehouse and I don't want to tire myself out before the day's work has even started. Perhaps I'm being too conservative. Personally, I just think I'm not that much of a masochist. My job is torturous enough as it is already.

Total miles run since the start of this blog:
15.3 miles.

On another note, I am so, so fucking horny tonight. God, what I wouldn't give to feel and caress some soft skin, kiss some gentle lips and lick some sweet pussy right now. I want a girl to hold so much, it hurts.

I'm not in the mood for watching porn tonight. Only the imagination can fulfil my fantasy right now. The fantasy of true, intimate love-making.

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