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DaveyMc2006 67M
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2/16/2006 1:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

fridge raider

well here we are back again after a successful fridge raiding mission.......

i will count my stash.......

i tub of half eaten yoghurt
1/2 lb cheese
2 tomatoes
3 lettuce leaves
1 small tub of butter
1pkt of ham

1 box of chocolate biscuits

and on the way back here i grabbed a loaf of bread, a knife, the kettle, teabags, coffee, milk and sugar and a cup

i look at this stuff and think what the hell am i going to do with all that bread hahahahaha

i looked in the yoghurt pot and yukkk really you dont want to know but i'm gonna tell you anyway...... that yoghurt has got more hair than me pmsl
phew it stinks an all cough cough......

wow that cleared my sinuses pmsl

ok lets see how does the wife make a sandwich???

oh complex things sandwiches....... doesnt help that i cant multitask either..... booger who invented these lids on these tubs of butter???
ok give up on the butter..... live a little have the bread dry with ham......

fighting here to open the dang pkt of ham..... grrr its not working!!!!!!!!!

aha the cheese i will try and cut a slice of that.... shugar its like concrete....

tomato i cant go wrong with those ok lets see do i peel them or eat them raw like an apple???

i could try slicing the tomato into rings....
nope knife is blunt or the skin is too thick i only dented it......

lettuce leaves......ok those will fit on the bread......yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i will crumble up a few choccy biscuits on the top......... ok done that

taking a bite.........

gawd this is horrible tasting but i'm hungry so i dont care.......

munch munch........



right wheres the socket for the kettle??????

dont ask.. dont you dare ask there is no chuffing socket free.........

ok dont panic just pour the water into the cup add a teabag add some coffee, milk and sugar....

stir it with the knife ......alright

ever made teacoff with cold water?????

yes i know you dont have to explain.....

takes a sip.......

patoohey.........yuk thats even worse than the sandwich.......

reaches for the phone dials for a chinese takeout

sideline1968 49F

2/16/2006 2:03 pm

Thanks for the laugh. Perfect example as to why I insist that my son knows how to cook!

DaveyMc2006 67M

2/17/2006 7:02 am

your welcome

danigirl1000 57F

2/18/2006 3:16 am

typical bloke !!!! Can't or wont !!!!! Did ya clean up all the mess then ??? Pmsl

DaveyMc2006 67M

2/18/2006 3:35 am

yes i cleaned up the mess

that chinese takeawy was lovely too so i'm going to enrol in a cookery class when i get time and try my hand at cooking, hopefully i wont end up with burnt crispy bits as i usually do.

danigirl1000 57F

2/20/2006 3:27 am

Glad to hear it hun Cookery class sounds FUN....HM, I watched this film last night...the guy was trying to cook too. He dashed between the microwave, the cooker and the sink, lol. The microwave BLEW UP, the cooker set ALIGHT....and he got his hand stuck down the waste disposal unit, omgg
My other half...god bless him....can just about put a jam roly poly into the microwave ...Remove the wrapping, set the timer...and HEY BINGO !!!! ( Now how do you open this tin of custard ? )
Good luck with the class.....tell me WHICH college you're enrolling at...and I'll give THAT one a miss....ha ha ha ha

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