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4/4/2005 10:44 am

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When I became 69, I desided that I had been too patient with my wife,,, She desided in 1968 that she didn't want sex anymore...We had given birth to a boy that was born with Muscular Distrophy, and due to this, she desided, she would not bear more children, I agreed. So I had a Vasceptomy done. This, I thought would help her relax on her decision not to have sex... It did not. As the years passed, I tried from time to time to revisit the nearness that we had known when we first met...To no avail..I tried every argument I could think of. Nothing worked...Please don't get this wrong..I don't hate her...I just dont see how any normal male or female can pass up pleasure when it is so close and willing...There's the rub, "Willing", is not in her vocabular. As you can see by the picture. I'm not Huge,,, Normal is a closer description. so size is not the problem.. She did say I was too big..but when you see the tools that some of the "Studs" have I'm almost embarresed. and Based on what I have seen in the Vidio's ..I'm not too big...
So I desided I have been without sex long enough. That was in 2001,,I joined AdultFriendFinder and after sending request to at least a thousand women, I finally got one house wife to allow me a house visit with the understanding, there would be no sex this visit.. I agreed. we met and after a half hour of discussion we desided to meet, and she gave me a going away kiss...A French Kiss,, I cannot tell you how great this felt..A meesly kiss, I tell you the truth, It rocked me to the depth of my bones,, I began to quiver and shake... Needless to tell you, the visit at the large expensive Motel was well worth the time and money..She had 6 orgasms and as, I was still in shock, it took some Oral Sex from her so that I could also have an orgasm....
We had 6 more visits together, but she and her husband desided to buy a house and they moved. This happened at the same time, I had a job change and the new employer did not allow computer use's other than business.. After a 6 months period I was again able to get back to AdultFriendFinder. to see if I could reach her...She was not on AdultFriendFinder anymore but had left a message for me, using a different name... I have come back to "Search" for her hundred of times, but her Profile had been turned off..
Recently I have tried to Hookup with other women but they do not seem to be interested in older men.. I have tried all ages... I get young girls from 2000 miles away, that say they are interested, but I know they are looking for a sugar daddy to bring them to the states...New Jersey is one of the most populated states in the US...I would think there must be some women that are as lonely as I, that need to have SEX....
What is it, that "Old" says we cannot be good lovers.....I would really appreciate some advise...Hell better than that, some woman that is "Willing " to have several hours of Safe sex give me a reply... I will not say "NO" no matter what your shape, your color, your lack of hair, anything.. I only ask that you too, be clean and without sickness, and you know what sickness I'm refering to.....Now I will make a prediction...I will NOT get a single Comment to this BLOG....

Dave73469 (PS The 69 in the name is not the position I like best,(tho I do like it)It was my age, when I started trying to see other women)


9/28/2005 3:32 pm

You have a lot to offer. I cannot believe you are haveing any trouble finding a woman. There are a lot of us over 60 that need loving too.

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