Sleeping with the Lady  

Dave2unme 60M
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8/24/2006 11:49 pm
Sleeping with the Lady

I wish that all of you could know and appreciate this wonderful Sleeping Lady as I do. Not so much like a tale of fiery animal attraction, ours is a fairy tale for the inner soul. Our embrace is as a magnet to our deepest desires. It is beyond the base sexual drives of ritualistic rudimentary coupling. Ours is more. It is something special, something more. It is as if she is in me as a kindred spirit of holistic passion, that of being one with each other, one in me.

This Sleeping Lady does not lie as a mountain on the horizon. She does not sleep as a damsel under glass. She is vibrant and boils with passion in my arms. She conjures a spell upon my cortex of intense satisfaction as we make love. I assure you my sleeping lady and I have this connection. It may not be as a chemistry experiment of combining lye and soda, but is more of a comfortable and cozy fire on a chilly winter’s starry night. Our passion does not explode on the screen, but creates a heat of proportion that welds us together as one. I am deeply moved and fulfilled by our times together. She is a wonderful kisser, and our foreplay creates the exacting mood for our passionate abandonment. Our lovemaking is incredibly intense and satisfying. Recently we made love for over eight hours, and each time was a thrilling new exploration of the bounds of our trust. My Lady, my Lady your chariot awaits again and in my arms.

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