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Darkpassion 58F
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6/5/2006 8:51 am
Pay it forward

Thought this was such a nice idea I've posted it here so you can play too let aascrompn[blog handle] know the outcome. What a great guy.

Ok, I've already had a couple of emails asking what my wish is for my birthday... Those that know me in RL, know that I'm really not too big on birthdays. I'm not sure why. This year, it will be different!

I want to try something fun. What I want for my birthday, is to do a "Pay It Forward" type of thing. If you don't know what that means, essentially, it's doing something nice for somebody that you don't know and asking them to do something nice for somebody that they don't know... So, I was thinking that what you could do, for my birthday wish, is to reach out to a fellow blogger, of which you don't know, and say something nice about that person. Ask for them to do the same. Come back here, write what you wrote to them, and if they bother to respond, write that as well...

I hope this is fun for all...

AAS ~ Just trying to get ppl to smile and have a good time!

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