Hot, Hot, Hot  

Darkpassion 58F
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7/21/2006 10:51 am

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8/5/2006 9:32 am

Hot, Hot, Hot

No not the song, although my one claim to fame is that my mother is friends with Arrow the singer.
I digress easy to do in this heat.
I was just wondering what you are doing to keep cool. Here in Blighty we are not used to a heat wave, were not really geared up for it. No air con, not many people with pools.
I'm sitting naked in front of a fan. I'm still hot. Next stage will be a cool bath anyone care to join me?

randy50001000 43M
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7/21/2006 11:50 am

Count me in.

rm_callmetiger2 35M

7/21/2006 11:55 am

love to join you...but you live a bit far away. try to dump a tray of ice cubes in a ziploc bag, then place it on your genitalia. that'll cool you right off. believe me.

rm_anacortes 75M
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7/21/2006 1:53 pm

We in SEATTLE suffer much like in the UK or northern Europe..

We are NOT used to this heat!!!!!

Maquis55 64M
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7/21/2006 4:11 pm

A cool shower or bath can be fun, especially when shared (Trouble is, one invariably gets hot again as a result)......Or hot food, Indian, Mexican & so on.

Glad to see you are not sad, as in your last entry.

TheCliticals 36F/F

7/28/2006 2:08 am

Ive had two cool showers already this morning

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