Last night was amazing  

Darknlovely_1 30F
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12/10/2005 3:59 pm

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4/8/2006 2:23 pm

Last night was amazing

hello everyone, i bet your wondering why it was so amazing last night. well i meet this guy a terrific guy, thought he was not my type at the start but after a while wow truely sexy even his voice if ur readig this. . i told him that i wnated his cock to worship and no one elses. i also have to obey him since he is very dominant and likes to please his lady. he has acceptional good looks and he didnt even have to touch me to make me his, i belong to him now . the way he made me finger myself i never go off so hard by just me i usaully needed a lil pushed after a while with a vibrator or dildo but last night i got off like 5 times just by his voice and him telling me i couldnt cum until he let me. what a sexy man, i cant wait to get together again, feeling a little alone now and craving him liek he said i would be craving him which i am alot dying to hear his voice and present my self to him again closing my eyes as my fingers slip down to my pussy rubbing my clit slowly with one finger and then sliping one in my pussy then two then four fingering as my thumb is rubing my clit listenign to him as i try to hold my moans and not to cum until he lets me him telling me to go slow n reach up to my breast and suck them slowly and twist my nipples n bite down on them wit h my teeth and then my voice gets so loud becuase im ready to cum and he still sying not yet an di beg him and he finally tells me i can and i explode and i feel my cumm ozzoing out of my pussy and onto the sheets and my breath slows and nipples become erect and he whispers good girl i am soooo turned on right now this feling im experincinig im liking i dont have a clue what it is its not lust more of a wanting feeling and exciting feeling if u see this call me later i miss you by the way i am so wanting you

rm_nots03 36M
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12/11/2005 10:57 am

Sup Mami i d ont know if my voice can make you cum but i sure know other ways.Nway nice read made me want to........!

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