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7/30/2006 10:37 am

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7/30/2006 10:48 am


So many days and really not much has happened!

Been working a lot, in fact too much. Would like to go out and play, but so far not too much interest in our intrepid hero...

Chatted with a woman on MSN, she seems interesting and maybe interested... We shall see, but am glad she found me, as we had a nice chat. Would love to chat with more people!

I've discovered a wonderful way to spend some time during the non-snow time of the year...... golf!...

It's fun and good exercise. If you'd like to play around then drop me a line, afterwards we can take our clubs out and play some golf as well... lol!

Oh well, I guess I should go and get reay for work. Day 7 of 10 in a row. Thankfully this is the 6hr day and not the 10+hr days I've been doing...

Take care of each other and if you'd like to chat.. same name as I use here!....

hopefully we'll chat soon!

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