The week that was!  

Darkhorse705 49M
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6/5/2006 7:16 am
The week that was!

(listening to Blue Rodeo - 5 Days in May)
(brilliant album!!!)

Another lonely monday morning. *sigh*

Finishing off the mandatory cup of coffee, I'm not really addicted, but you really don't want me to give up caffeine entirely!!!

Would have written earlier, but that work thing just jumped into the way. It was convocation at the end of last week for the local university. Which meant that the restaurants throughout the city were swamped from open until around 9 pm, both days!

Had an interview with a head hunting/placement company, made it through that stage and then hopefully tomorrow I'll be meeting with the owner and take it from there!

Oh yeah, my visit with my friend.... We met at a coffee shop and chatted for a while. Then off to a local restaurant for lunch. We both ended up taking home half our lunches... Since I last saw her she has lost a fair bit of weight, and looks great. (which I told her several times) Hoping that next time we can continue on the path of comfortness we both feel. But the problem for both of us is time. I work a lot of nights and she a lot of afternoons-nights, so our schedules do not really mesh. While we like each other and feel comfortable together, we are ok if the other finds someone else to play with.

Oh well.....

time to fire up the lawnmower, and then the grass trimmer...

This week is a week of hope!!!
Hope that I get this job oppurtunity.
Hope that I can go golfing at least once.
Hope that someone will respond to a messge I've sent and that something will come of it.
Hope that someone will like what they've read on my blog.
Hope that the owner of the cat I'm cat-sitting for will soon take her cat back (fur everywhere!, even on clothes just out of the wash!)
Hope that people will start to treat each other with respect and care


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