So much was promised and so little has happened!  

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12/14/2005 6:27 am

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So much was promised and so little has happened!

It's been a while since I've considered actually publishing my thoughts. I'm afraid that some have been too dark, or that they seem to pathetic and whiny.

I did meet a wonderful woman for lunch, a few months ago. We hit it off wonderfully. After our lunch date and subsequent snog in a nearby park, we decided to meet the following week. What a wonderful idea we both thought...It actually took a month to co-ordinate time away from work.

We met at a small coffee shop, and things seemed to pick up where we had left them off. She loved the small plant I brought her, after all flowers die so quickly. She took me to a nearby motel for an afternoon of fun and frivolity. Things seemed to be going just fine, until a car drove through the parking lot. Our cars were hidden two blocks away, but she sat up and began to get dressed.

She left.

Since then we've chatted and written. While she says she wants to meet again, she changes the subject each time I suggest a date.

Her explanation of leaving is that she really wanted to have sex with me, but that she thought her ex was following her.

Maybe she is just a tease, but I think it's more likely that she just has "problems". That I will never solve.

I chat to lots of people, it's just the kind of person I am.

One lady I chatted with sounded really cool. She suggested that when I was next in Toronto to visit my sister that I look her up. She was an AdultFriendFinder member and all seemed good. Early October we met up and had a lovely lunch at a thai restaurant together.

We went back to her place which was nearby and things started to get very active. Most of our clothes are on the floor and our hands are everywhere. She stops and gets up from the bed. I sit up and she then tells me if I want to have sex with her I have to pay!!!!!!

Oh said I ... thinking that she was joking...she wasn't!!! Seeing as I did not have a couple of hundred on me, she tossed me my clothes and gave me two minutes to get out!

Oh well....Life goes on.

I still chat with people, and hope to meet some of them. And with some I hope to do more ....

After all you never know until you try!

ps I've tried to keep the dark thoughts away today!

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