Is it really so hard to respond?  

Darkhorse705 49M  
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8/22/2005 11:43 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Is it really so hard to respond?

I realize that it takes a certain amount of courage to post an ad on site such as this. But, if you think it's hard to write your profile, try responding to someone.

How hard is it then to simply use the quick reply and say "sorry you're not my type"?

I'm sure that everyone tries to be different to try and attract someone's attention. It could be with humour, a photo, or maybe even a suggestion of an afternoon/evening together.

If you're not interested just use the quick reply!

Who knows maybe you've even passed that stage and the two of you are chatting happily. It could be about work, or how the day is going, or it could be about the things you would like to do to and with each other. The decision is made to meet.

The plan is to meet on a day when you both are off. One will drive to meet the other. Cell phone#'s have been exchanged. One arrives in the other's town and calls..... and calls.... and calls... each time the answering machine. Did she get cold feet? Has something happened to her? So one checks one's email to see if maybe she had emailed. nothing... so one just finds a restaurant and has lunch.. and then calls again... A fee hours pass and the poor sod hits the road and drives home.

Still no messages or calls by the time he gets home. A couple of days later a message comes saying "sorry I missed you..had to run out...really want to meet you...I want you"

When asked why she did not try and contact on the day, "sorry.....forgot"

Even though they'd arrived at the meeting stage she still had the chance to "say sorry...not today"

Will she have another chance to disappoint our hero?

Who knows......

But he won't give up responding to people's profiles, and will keep being respectful of those who simply say "sorry you're not my type"

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