Am I the only frustrated by chat?  

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1/31/2006 10:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Am I the only frustrated by chat?

(Dream theater performing Dark side of the moon)

I've spent some time in the chat part of this site. It seems that a vast moajority of the time is spent/wasted with either people entering or by people/bots saying look at another site to find more out about me!

I thought that chat WAS a way to find out more about you... I have discovered the Ignore button, and sem to use it every time I'm in chat. Also another frustrating part is the speed or lack thereof the refresh. Sometimes I can type a hello and it refreshes and others I have to wait a few minutes.

I realize that there are probably other people in the same boat, but was wondering how many?

Also, while I'm ranting, the number of people who feel the need to type in their email addresses more than twice!....

I'm ok now...

I was in chat and a woman asked for my email I gave it and thought nothing of it. A day or so later I am checking my messages and a chat message came up saying do you want my g/f? I responded and he emailed a pic and we had a very nice chat.

Mind you I did not know how to respond to the question... When you are screwing my g/f do you mind if I wear women's lingerie and watch?
What could I say??
Personally I don't care what he's!
Maybe we can hook up, btw, his g/f is quite nice!

Maybe things are looking up?? But I'd prefer to get a response or two from the messages I've sent.
Oh well... there is always tomorrow

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