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3/28/2006 3:50 am

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things I would like to say today

Today I will leave you to make fun of that piece of my soul which would like to have you here, beside me, you, the demonic angel of my heart.

I don't care where you are and I don't care who you are. The only thing I know that you are my punishment and my saviour. You are my punishment because you entered my heart and when I reach out for you, you are not with me. You are my saviour because your image spread the sweetest light in my dark soul poisened by loneliness.

I am here and you are there, a distance which cannot separate our feelings. A distance which can only bring more passion to our love. You are here, in my chest, laying down on my heart which stopped itself not to wake you up from your dream. The dream about me! The dream you sent it to me from your heart. Your heart where I lay myself like in a creed especially built for me by your love.

Your eyes, your lips, your beutiful hair make my eyes to see the light of love, my lips to enchant words without sounds and my hands to feel the touch of the warm wind of your passion.

I would like to touch your soul, but I am affraid of doing that. I am affraid not to impurify the essence of your being with my earthly touch of love. Would you grant me the punishment which purify my soul? Would you let me enter your godness being just for one moment to feel your everlasting beauty? I offer my soul as a pledge to you for letting me see the true shine of your being. But would that be enough for you? Would that earn me a pass toward the real you?

I don't know! But I know I would hold you in my arms until the last bit of my essence would pass away from my mortal body. And then I will enslave my soul to your love and I will swear the final bound to your beauty which obsessed my view in those hot nights of infinite tenderness.

Let me be your lover, and you will never be alone again. Let me be your admirer, and your beauty will be sung by the stars. Let me be yours, and you will never need to walk again, but you will fly carried by my arms.

That's my promise and that's my song for your beauty!

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