confessions of a latin guy in germany  

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3/31/2006 5:54 pm

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confessions of a latin guy in germany


I've been leaving in Germany since a while (it's about few years) and I will tell you my story. I let you judge my feelings about Germany.

I came here in Germany with a work contract. My life was pretty happy in my native country (friends, work motivation), least that I had here a better offer for my monthly income. Everything was fine. So, I left my country and I came here thinking of having a better life standard. Then the problems began...

My wife left me for the reason that she won't come in Germany ever (I don't blame her for that, we remained just simple friends). My work sucked and sucks since I had 2 bosses here and I couldn't get along at all with any of them. But the worst of it is the fact that I couldn't do anything about my private life! Can you believe that? Here with very beautiful girls I couldn't find a partner!

Maybe you wonder if I am handicapped or stupid. Well, physically and mentally I am perfectly intact. About stupidity, well, I am working in a certain area of research (doesn't matter which one) and I had some results (mainly, articles published in an international journal from my field) when I worked in my native country in the same field. So, let me know if I could be judge as stupid.

On the other hand, at my office I speak all the time English. There are very few women in my field, and, with all my respect, but even less know how to live the life. I am not an expert myself, but at least I don't start a party at 6 p.m., drink one beer and leave the party at 10 p.m. So, I went to some discos, clubs, bars...

Well, good people, if you are a guy, if you don't speak German (even if the German people are speaking better English than many nations in Europe) or if you are less 180 cm tall, you can forget about trying to speak with a young woman ( 20-28 ) in a town full with students. So, here I am: 172 cm, not speaking German and separated! From the beginning I am condemned to live alone.

Now, the real good side part of my life is connected to my native country and here, in Germany, I'm doing nothing more than reading, enjoying a dinner downtown perfectly alone, playing a computer game or writing at my book (which I started to write it because I felt the need of having a better world).

So, what is your oppinnion? Am I too stupid for this country or should I leave this country and go where I belong (in a latin country)?

I will take into consideration also German oppinnions.


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