burning sky and random thoughts  

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4/5/2006 11:37 am

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burning sky and random thoughts

The spring has come! The sky let the joyful sun rays to warm us as we walk through the park. The sunset is blessing us by surrounding us with its thousand colors, painting our love with magnificent shdes of red. The shades of our burning love.

I look at sunset and I feel like living in a story. A story of knights and beautiful ladies. A story in which the life itself is nothing more than a burning candle, a neverending battle for gaining the beautiful lady's attention. A story in which the burning hearts never cease to love.

Yes, I feel like a knight searching for touching your heart. I feel like I could win a thousand wars for you if only I knew that after that I'll be in your arms. I would come to you after each fight, I would kneel and I would let myself conquered by your love.

I am your modern knight. I am your burning candle. I am your restless soul. I am inlove with you!

I'm looking at the sky and I see my soul. Burning love in shades of red fills my whole being. I am powerful and I have my strength only because I met you! Only because you made me love you. It was the shortest fight I have ever fought and I lost it. I fell inlove since the first time I saw you even if my heart was torn apart from a lost love. I gained my courage and I gained myself again. I gain my flame of love again looking in your eyes. And now I burn myself in the neverending love for you.

I kneel myself as I am offering my burning heart. Please, don't be affraid! It will keep you warm in the cold nights. It won't burn you, but it will burn down every single thing that tries to hurt you!

My burning life is at your feet, my love!

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