Sad but true - telenovela written by reality  

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4/13/2006 6:44 pm

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Sad but true - telenovela written by reality

Today I'm not in the mood of dreaming. I wasn't in that mood the week that passed being off from the blogville. Why? That's I'm going to write about today. So, here we are!

Few time ago I posted a message in which I was writing about one of my friends who experienced a nasty situation.

Now, let's consider the following persons: A, B, C and D. A and C are males, B and D are females (B is my friend). A and B was a coule since 7-8 years ago, C and D was a couple since 10 years ago and a married couple since 3 years ago. A, B, C and D had a group of friends in which the rule was simple: don't fuck the others partners! Well, A and D had sex with each other since before C and D got married. One week ago, A loosed his tongue and started to say all about "his love" with D. A also told B she was not woman enough for him, but he couldn't have said that before because he didn't have the guts. In reply, D told C that she was having an affair with A (and not only) since ONE year ago because she felt herself alone (C being in US now and D in my native country at her request). Also, D told C (indirectly) she would go to kill herself if C brakes off with her. On the other hand, D told A that C is not letting her alone (when, actually, C didn't want to hear anything anymore from D). Not to mention D is a psychanalyst!

One whole week I spent only trying to repair what those stupid "reproduction organs" did to my friend B. She lost 4 kg from her weight in 3 days because she couldn't sleep and she couldn't eat. Now she thinks about herself as being a stupid blond because she could get involved with somebody, A respectively, who didn't and doesn't love her. Also, she considers herself as being ugly because an idiot who got his first bitch, considers the other being more beautiful and more loving one.

Is this normal? Is it fair for somebody who really loved to suffer so much? NO! And that idiot has to pay for his stupidity! Well, he pays a lot considering himself inlove with that bitch and hoping for him to be with her. What can I say to him? GOOD LUCK, YOU, MORON!!! And to that bitch? Maybe she should enrole herself into at BDSM section. Or maybe I should make her address public for every male from here to fuck her, so, she won't be anymore in a dire need of sex.

That's the short version of an idiotic telenovela.

Sad but true! as it was nicely put by Metallica.

mmmslick 106F

4/14/2006 2:06 pm

Love is pain .......

My thoughts to your friend wishes, and time to heal

Dark_Cat_MCMLXXV replies on 4/14/2006 2:47 pm:
Thanks! You are sweet as usual! @};- (blush and rose)


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