And again...  

DarkDeliciousDuo 38M/44F
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7/27/2006 2:52 am

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9/10/2006 3:37 am

And again...

And again... This time twice from the same person. Although at least this time we got a call and a lame ass excuse to pull apart while we decided on something else to do with our evening. Beware of Chelle and her 294 excuses!

By the way, what is it with the ladies who wink at you, Hotlist you, but refuse to reply to a simple "Hi how you doing" email??? If this site had just 50 genuine people instead of how many 100,000s of time wasters it would be so much more satisfying.

We were thinking that there should be a space where you can post a log of your hook-up attempts. Time wasters could be outed and people who we're left hanging after fucking up in the early "courtship" stage could get feedback on what they did wrong. It would be a good way of warning us genuine folk of wierdos and assholes too.

...or then again people could just start being honest with themselves and each other... hmmmmm.

rm_XlntLady 51F
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8/27/2006 12:24 pm

Hi guys, so sorry to hear you've had some bad experiences! In the fanclub we actually have a Raise & Praise post where we recommend people who are genuine, and a Name & Shame post where we warn each other of those who are not. Of course, only the lovely lady is welcome in the fanclub. But now that you have joined the Dark Side, maybe you could initiate something similar in there.

hotfudgemama 46

9/8/2006 10:14 am

yes u agree there are some real shit heads out there and they say one thing and do another also why do mena have to lie to get a piece ah pussie wouldn't it just be better if they where to spk the truth and let the cards fall where they may.

just my own few words..................cha!!!!!!!!

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