round one  

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8/3/2006 6:17 am

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round one

Imagine me holding you looking into your eyes your body I shall caress you tightly rubbing those curves I love how your ass feels with my big hands wrapped around it. Maybe I shall recite a poem or a joke to make you laugh but the way I tell my stories you would scream with laughter like a funny movie you may have seen but missed the punchline. I would take a piece of ice and melt it all over your body sending chills throughout every inch, as I am holding this ice in my mouth you taste the cold knowing I am enjoying the taste of you, I work my way down to your legs you open them quickly knowing my destination, I spread you far and wide but the ice is melting too quickly I keep licking between your legs my tongue starts to turn that river into an ocean you grab my head begging me not to stop wondering where did I learn to please you this way with my tongue? I increase this pleasure working in and out as you begin to cum the pleasure makes you quiver as I work on your ass it is so fine I start to lick it all over and the feeling sends you over the edge fuck me!!! from your mouth I listen and react I prop your legs high my goodness are you flexible and I slowly enter you as you gasp I start slow grinding you ever so deeply looking into your eyes that smile makes me go deeper you grab my ass to hold on as I work faster and harder our bodies in motion look so nice. I tell you to roll over I want your sexy ass you agree with a smile I move into position and doggie style you so deeply and hard you feel yourself cumming once more again I hear the sounds of your moaning increasing my thrust, I love the sound of your ass from my pounding I smack it you scream in delight, I hold your hips bringing it closer to me as you tell me you want to ride me I obey your wishes as I let you mount me I grab your tits damn I love your pair holding them in my hands. You rock me tits bouncing, hips grinding I make love to you till you cum all over me so intense you collapse on me momentarily to kiss me deeply and to tell me "call your boss your going to be late".

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4/6/2007 10:07 pm

MMMMMMMMMMM Your right!!! I found it very interesting... So now is it my

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