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9/5/2006 9:59 am

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So I am sitting here at work...typing this while I should be uping my productivity, but I'm over it.

"Things that I think are funny about this site; a post that will probably never be read."

1) The fact that this will probably never be read
2) the ratio of men to women...20 to 1 and when you eliminate the bots 30 to 1
3) almost all the women on the site are standard members
4) the ratio of people who actually respond to emails
5) the ratio of people on here who claim to be looking for sex but really want a relationship
6) the people who claim to be looking for a relationship but actually just want sex
7) the fact that 90% of the guys on here have their cock as their profile picture...okok we get it you are proud of your piece...
80% of the aformentioned 90% would never whip it out or be caught naked in
9) people who claim this site is a vehical for screening who they fuck...then go out and bang random heads at a bar
10) Chipmunks
11)the people who refuse to post a picture, then demand one from you if you want to communicate
12) the fact that right now I have three emails from gay men who want to meet me but I am posted as a straight male looking for women
13) some of the private photo galleries that i have access to
14) the most common name for an unattractive woman is "sexygirl###" who are you fooling?
15) Midgets
16) the question about food products and sex in the profile
17) the number of emails sent vs recieved in my
1 the fact that I hve made it to #18
19) the profile professional...that makes every womans profile look exactly the same
20)"I'm not changing my life I'm starting a revolution"

please feel free to add anything I missed!

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