I Love re-reading some of the emails I send people  

DankDevious 36M
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8/30/2006 6:16 am
I Love re-reading some of the emails I send people

Check this out...I'm into drunken debauchery with bitches on top of me, laughing maniacally cause the neighbors are watching me, bouncers are tossing me outta every single club cause I'm standing on the dance floor giving my candle a rub, well a rub-a-dub-dub shit faced in a pub laughing at big girls who've got too much flub, love to dress like a grub and talk shit to your face, don't know why you invited me to your house party in the first place. To my fam I'm a disgrace associating with those of an inferior race Unable to place the element that gives me this grace thats the only thing that lets me tolerate them in the first place. You know the worst taste? The bitterness of defeat the feeling of cold concrete thats been knocked out from under your feet, the penalty for becoming obsolete, which I why I roll with a different fleet, I roam the street an undercover MC laughing at cats who try to battle me, cause every discrepancy mistake and idiosyncrasy is another element of victory that they are handing me, now lets see, back to talking about you and me, I'd think you really should would and do like me, I understand I'm white see, and don't have a flawless body but I'm the realest asshole from sea-to -shining-sea, c'mon and get with me, you can start by sending mail electronically, figure out a time and place to meet in reality, then we'll see what there is to see, if between you and me there is chemistry, so come and see what I'm talking about after you finish reading this piece gimme a shout.

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