Meaning of Life even the great make mistakes.  

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Meaning of Life even the great make mistakes.

well first off I'll brush up on the basics.
The meaning of life:
embrace change as you move through eternity,
understanding ways of life,
having knowlage of being,
together is a consept only known to those who can accsept it,
be the way.

now I had understood the beging of this very clearly and thought that I had all of it understood very well, I was wrong. you see the approch I would try was so insane I would see this and a day later I would try my same methods and then wonder why they did'nt work as well as the day before, I figured it out. with the law of give to take and some friendly advice from my all knowing, omnipotent, and omnipowerfull best friend, I figure oh I get it, I was giving pecautions and filters so I was getting the same, and partly because that is very much the same mentallity, that has people forcing others to do what they want I was getting care I was not asking for and the love was there but not to the standards I deserve, so I changed it, lowered my bariors and said well to be frank F it all they'll think I'm a nut no matter what, so I removed my care(the literal dictionary definition) and yes the first lady I actually serously wanted, whent as to standards(mine), no sex but very pleasant and definatly not boring, and walking away knowing that even though sex was the main goal it was the goal I hadn't thought about that was actually worth wile, I at that perticular momment in time realized, to be together I would have to accept that It would be. no prerequizites(except dises free but I would still talk to them and playing around dry never hurt, and nowon here seems to actually realize that if somone wants you, you will be accepted weather or not you have some devistating disese, some are so loving they would not have a care if they were sick with you life is not always valued in all cultures, some think of it as just an opportunity to do what you realy want to and to let who you are shine, and to work on the faults you have, so whatever happens afterwards they will have what they say they can truly take with them, a sound heart(motivations). not all people are destined for great things and not all care.) no strings as some would say, it's more of just a do you want to have a great time yes, no, or do you have somthing better in mind If so do tell, sex is wonderfull and great by itself but it would be the togetherness that truly matters what is sex time and money with nowon to truly spend it with... meaningless unless that is your love then who is to say that people cannot love objects, money isn't so evil if it loved and not cared about, what dose that then say about care, I would not say it is evil, because good comes out of it, but is it great, and does it lead to evil, just because somthing leads to somthing else that is wrong does not make it wrong, the somthing else is still wrong, and should be avoided as there are just some things you should not do. sex does lead to wrong, but if it was as evil as some religions dictate then, why does when I read it says nothing about it, I have seen overgeneralizations of words and speacial dictionarys only for the church, but by that we would have to include all perspectives to make that work correctly, look at the difference between an english dictionary and one of a completly different language, it become increasingly clear that they will not match on alot of words, mabey the point was not to define and cross reference all that we say but just to find out what our friend was trying to say he might speak the same language but do you say the same things with the same words, so I listen and find out what others mean and tell them why when they ask, they say there definition most don't and just repete the word back at me as If there is a universal book nowon has read but we should all know or be deemed not worthy of there time, but the few who do tell me I say what word that means to me, the either argue to tell me I am wrong and the definition they have is correct ending in nothing worth noting, or they say why would you think that, so the few who say the second I show them, so we come to an agreement and never have that problem again specificly and problems in the future like it are more eaisaly solved untill it gets to the point that we wonder why ever fought in the first place, occasionaly another problem occours but it's normally dealt with fast and were back to being together, If what you give in life comes back to you (figuritivly) then if you give togetherness you will get just that, If you give sex you will get just that, also backwards if you give insecurities what do you get just that, if you give filters what do you get just that, but I understand that there are people who say well what about money, I say what about it it's no different, they say well if your in debt how would be able to give money, I say well what can you give that gives what you need in order to obtain the money, they say time, I say that will work but now you don't have any, they say then your therory is flawed, I say no, here see what you can do with this, undersanding, honest efforts, and trust, they say what does that get you I say what you want, they of course get angry and say that doesent make any sense, I say it only does if you understand me, baffeled the look on there face, so I say If you want a job what do you do, apply for one right, I get nodds, now you didn't give a job to get one did you, no they say, then what did you give truly, qualification that I am asteady worker, right why would that get you a job, because I am qualified, yes, now apply what all that to the qualities I had just said, OK they say, If I understand the only way to give it is to listen, I say yes now you are open to new ideas and prepared to handle them when they arise, OK they say honest efforts the only way to do that is to honestly try all the time and never half ass anything, I say right now you do great things even wile not trying but that is never an issue becase great things and great effort now come naturaly to you, OK they say trust the only way to give that is let others try things on there own even If you think what their doing is stupid, and to not force any one to do anything because you trust them and know they will return, then I normally get the but's, but how does any of this get me money and out of debt, I say I don't know about you but If I saw somone who listened to what I had to say took the time, thought, and effort to get on my level, did great things all the time and could do it for long periods of time even If it wasn't what I was interested in the respect would still be there or at the very least an acnoldgement even if they try to hide it, plus this guy thinks I could do things to and is willing to let me try it for my self even though I may not know what I am doing, this man fuffills me I love him so, he gives me love even when I don't deserve it, he trusts me even when I shouldn't be trusted, and he dose what he dose great, now who am I going to ask to be a buissness partner with me the man who is trusted friend and loves me even when I am an ass to him, or am I going to pick the guy who qualified like the rest of my employees, and does his required job well for money, the other guy dose a great job for free If I gave hime money there is no telling what this man might be able to do and even if It all doesent work out I still have a friend in the end who listenes and understands me or at the very least trys, I'll take him with me, and I realy have been an ass to him mabey I should open up and trust him to, now before we go on you should be honest about what you try to give in life if you do not want to trust with a passion and never plan to I would not recomend trusting you obviously have a different path than I do. we all have different paths, so I always tell people how to find there own way they can start with mine but they will almost never do it the exact same way I did, they might even do it better and give me the compliment of surrpassing me and then I would have to either say you earned it or keep trying. most likly I'll say the first because I don't want everone elses results mine are the ones I like, my goal is to love and be a great lover of god, the rest is just deatails of stuff I've done, don't take what I say as an end all stop and nothing more can be learn't because even when you get the results you wanted your most lickly to find biger and better things you would like or just a slight change in what you already have, I say go for it, you only live this way once, why waste it doing what you never wanted to do, and mind you delusion is not a virtue just because you may think you want somthing dosen't make it what you truly want, people in general stop doing what they have always wanted to because they have no clear picture why it is worth it or have seen pictures only to find they were never what they truly wanted and then said that there picture could never be painted, the truth is no it can't, bcause you and only you are the only person who could ever paint the picture in you life that you want, everything else is the tools you use to paint it with, and no brush in it's right sane and logical mind truly minds beind the tool that made your life worth living, because even your self would be a tool in this sense. would you rather be an advertizment, or a masterpice that inspires whatever lays eyes on it, but remeber even the pub sigh can be just as valuable as the masterpice for mabey million people do not look at it a day, but the bar keep with that sighn even with little to no cutomers, made it himself and knows what it brings a loving atmosphere and great people to suite, dosen't require drugs. If you whant anything in life like being together with somone even for as much as a one night stand all you have to do is just that, give what you want to take. this apply's to everything I have seen or at least given me the tools to find it. it is not meant as a quick fix, for it actually removes that, It tells you how to make things good and patch your problem only top patch it again and again, but how to make things great so that you solve your problem and all others like that problem are no longer problems, and problems realated to those problems become even eaiser to solve, and patch If you would truly like to go back but remeber this ask and you shall recive religious or not is not the point, the point is you will find what you are looking for even if you are not aware you are searching for it. I am mearly saying what works for me and suggesting it, you may walk away and never use this information as long as you live, I will not be bothered because the way I say it may not be the words you need to hear.

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shit man, that was a fucking book! it took me 20 mins to read that on this shitty computer screen, plus hey, you have gotta lighten up. ill suck your cock anytime hon'

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