Nother day  

DanBoone123 48M
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3/22/2006 7:44 am
Nother day

She is supposed to be here. The room is slightly crowded...but not enough to keep from noticing her. The business "brunch" in the corner with an apparent "boss" and a few co-workers that seem to laugh at their superior's every comment. The elderly couple sipping soup towards the middle of the room and the mother with two young children noisely attempting a "calm" break from a busy day of running errands. The couple in the corner...both have rings, but there silent whispers and loving looks are anything but the typical married banter of apparent mid-life professionals.

She walks in the entry across the room as a stately beauty. A cute wool hat covers her golden hair and a high collar from a fitted dark overcoat covers her exposed lower neck-line and milky skin. The hat comes off as she nervously scans the room and takes a seat. The coat is opened now to the waste revealing the top of a white silky blouse and dainty trickling of a tasteful gold chain.

Her skirt is tightly fitted and now visable as she crosses her legs while exposed under the open table. Her legs are covered in dark nylons and although they complement her obvious class and professional attire, there is an air of sensuality to here mystic.

Her gaze suddenly catches mine, and in an instant we now know each other by face. She can't hide the welcome smile as I make my way across the room and we sit apart for our own "silent whispers" and flirtatious conversation. Our hearts are pounding, faces flush, and as her hand gently brushes against my leg for a brief instant it is still slow enough to notice the quiver of excitement as her cheeks blush with the intensity of our impending intiment encounter.......

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