The human touch.  

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8/18/2006 6:49 am

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The human touch.

Some things are so much easier to come by then others...

For the last couple of years I have had a fairly adequate sex life. Adequate as in I never seem to go very long without (except this past winter - was a loooonnngggg winter!!!) and I have cultivated a few very nice fuck buddies. I may go months and weeks without seeing them, but they are always there for a chat or two. And every once in awhile we'll meet to scratch our respective itches. Sometimes though you get a hankering for something other than just sex.

When I am out and about and I see other couples together I can't help but think - when was the last time I strolled along with a date holding hands?? Oh boy - that is a tough one!!! Been a looooonnnggg time!! LOL!!! So, I start thinking, jeeshhhh, wouldn't it be nice to just have a cuddle on the couch and watch a movie?? Have somebody to just hug me and smooch me?? I guess I should clarify that because I wouldn't want just anybody, I would want someone I am interested in and someone who is interested in me. And these days there is only one person I can think of that I would want to do that with....

Sigh. What a shame that sex is so much easier for me to get even though you would think it is far more intimate than cuddling, hugging and smooching....

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