Do married men make better FWBs??  

Dalmy67 49F
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8/16/2006 8:49 pm

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9/18/2006 5:29 pm

Do married men make better FWBs??

I have a thing for married men, or rather, they seem to have a thing for me. So, as much as I try to stay away from them, sometimes it is just not possible. Besides, they do make pretty good fuck friends!!! Oh, there are some drawbacks of course, namely thier availability, but overall - not too shabby!!

My married fuck friends have treated me with both respect and decency (more so than a certain individual who was supposed to love me - go figure - another one of life's little ironies). And not only that, but alot of them are bloody grateful to be getting sex regardless of how good it is (but its always awesome with me anyways - LOL!!!). Think about it - alot of these guys are going weeks, months or even years without sex - so what do you think they are going to do when they finally get some?? Be bloody thankful!!! Especially if they are going to be welcomed back for more!!! That, my friends, would be the mother lode for the married dude.

Another benefit is that these guys have already been trained for the most part. They have technique!!! They have nice hands!!! They have nice mouths!!! And they want to please!!! I guess the wives showed them the ropes while they were still interested in having sex. Whatever, it works for me because I am not into teaching.

Singles, on the other hand, are a totally different breed. Single men just don't seem to get it that women can just want sex and nothing else. So often times they just fuck and run!!! They are so skittish and terrified of the girl developing feelings for them and turning into a cling-on. One night stands can be good at times, but sex does get better with a bit of time and "practise" - LOL!!! Even if you are "just" friends.

The single guys have a tendency to be a little more selfish when it comes to sex, too. Some of these guys have the skill, but they don't always care about their partner's needs. That usually starts happening when the dude starts seeing another woman as a regular relationship, but is still keeping the other "friend" around for sex. They loose their interest in pleasing their "friend" because they have someone else to attend to as well.

My preference is still to have single guys, but until one shows up, I am sticking with what I have.

And I hope you all get a giggle or two outa this!!!

Roguexxx3 49M

8/17/2006 3:38 am

you bet we do and for all the reasons you've listed.

Dalmy67 49F

8/17/2006 6:58 am

Yes funny how that works out, eh?? Like I said, life little ironies!!!

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