Happy New Year! Akemashite omedetou!  

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1/1/2006 8:05 am

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Happy New Year! Akemashite omedetou!

Happy New Year everyone. I'm very happy and saddened to see 2005 go. For many reasons, 2005 was the best year of my life. But I have a feeling 2006 is going to top that. I wish everyone health, happiness, and prosperity in the coming year. And if you made some New Years Resolutions, I hope you are able to successfully fulfill them.

I made a couple myself. First, the second hardest resolution for anyone to keep, and that is to lose the weight I don't need and get into shape doing it. I'm not talking about Charles Atlas shape here, but just a little something where my gut doesn't stick out past my chest. That would be a nice change.

Second, I want to continue to develope this relationship I am in. Thousands of miles may separate us, but we come together every day to hear each other's voices thanks to online chat tech. We will see each other at least once this year, hopefully twice. And in the future (near future I hope) we will finally be together. Pie-in-the-sky dream, I know, but hey, it's love.

Lastly, I want to correct some personal mistakes and missteps I've made in the past, especially where my money comes into play. Living week-to-week on a paycheck and not saving anything has been hurting my finances, so it's well past time to change that. Thank GOD I don't have any credit cards, but I should have at least one. If I intend to buy a house some day and call it home with the ones I love, I better make sure my Credit is in good standing.

So that's my New Years Resolutions. Perhaps a little Generic and Lame...but they're all mine. So what about you? What's on your list for the New Year?

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