Is a man making love to a woman the same as two woman making love???  

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8/28/2006 3:30 pm
Is a man making love to a woman the same as two woman making love???

Hello. My question is this: Is there any differences between a man and woman making love and two women making love? Now don't get me wrong, my better half is bi and we expierience 3somes with other bi-females, but my wife says there is a difference because I get to fuck them(because i get to go up inside them). Well after watching her with these women i see no difference. We are all looking for the dame thing..SEXUAL GRATIFICATION!!!. I may have a dick, but that doesn't stop them from doing their thing. Two women can be so sexually intense that some men wouldn't be able to deal with myself..i think its a very BEAUTIFUL thing. But there is NO difference!! You can use your fingers, lips, tongue, toes(smile), vibrators and ect..all for SEXUAL GRATIFICATION..THE SAME AS ladies and you men too.. I would love to hear what you think. No we have not stopped having threesomes, just something she said that we disagree on. I love my wife and she loves me..BUT THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE!!!!.. so what do you think sexy people?
yes they are the same!!!
no they are not the same!!!

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9/3/2006 8:06 pm

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