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5/23/2006 9:02 am

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He walks wearily through international terminal of the large airport, he hates these business trips and having to switch planes. He sees the bar and dimmer lighting and thought of a relaxing drink appeals to him. This late at night the harsh fluorescent lighting of the airport itself actually hurt his eyes. He approaches the bar hoping to find someone that speaks his language, it has been too long since he has been able to have a good conversation, but he thinks that is unlikely to happen as he is the traveler and does not speak the language of the locals. His slim hopes are dashed as the only person he sees at first is the bored looking bartender. He pays little attention to the middle aged woman behind the bar, but as he approaches the bar he does see one other customer. He sees a woman with almost flaming red hair running in waves to just below her bare shoulders.

He stops as his breath is taken away at the sight of the exquisite beauty of crimson haired vision. She looks up at him as he stops, he sees a strange sparkle in her emerald greens eyes. He cannot help but notice her creamy white skin showing on her ample cleavage she is showing with her low cut strapless top. She gives him a wry smile over her nearly empty glass as she brings it up to her full red lips. He gives her a kind of small nervous, shy smile in return before turning away from her to continue his way to the bar.

He takes a seat on a barstool almost directly in front of the woman tending the bar, and after a couple of fumbled attempts gets her to understand what drink wants which finally gets him his drink. Just as the drink is placed in front of him, he is surprised by a light touch on his right shoulder. He turns that direction to see who is behind him but sees no one. He does feel a hand sliding across his back sensually to his left shoulder. He turns back to his left just as the hand leaves his body. He is almost startled out of his seat as he sees the redhead taking a seat on the stool next to him. She places her empty glass on the bar with her left hand, while placing her right hand on his left upper thigh and sliding it further in and up caressing him slowly. She leans in close brushing her voluptuous breasts against his arm as she says something he cannot understand quietly into his ear. He indicates as best he can that he does not understand. She smiles deviously at his response, before moving in close again and nibbling on his earlobe.

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I swear we have got to get you a publisher. Your stories are so invigerating and erotic and sexy and wow. We just have to get you published man.



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