Dipping in the Moonlight concluded  

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Dipping in the Moonlight concluded

He finally stops all motion of his body, just holding her there. His hand resting on her breast, his cock held deep within her. He gazes into her unseeing eyes until he sees the light begin to return to them and feels her body relax once again. Her leg drops off of him as her grip loosens and she just stands there suspended between him and the cold wet stone. He kisses her on the mouth tenderly, as slowly withdraws his cock from her pussy. She gasps as the head of his cock pops free of her hot wet tunnel. He pulls back away from a single step, then pulls her off the wall and turns her to face the cliff wall. With her back now to him, he moves in close again. He lefts her long wet black hair off her back and begins to ever so lightly kiss the back of her neck. She moans with renewed pleasure and places her hands on the stone to stead her weak knees and keep her standing there. She leans her head forward to give better access to that sensitive spot he is kissing so gently.

While continuing to kiss her neck, he moves in closer, wrapping one arm around her to caress her breast. He pushes the head of his still rock hard cock in between the cheeks of her firm round ass. She squeals with delight as she feels him on her ass. He moves his cock up and down between her cheeks slowly several times. She moans and pushes her ass back towards him each time he goes back up between the cheeks. His kissing on her neck becomes firmer more intense, as his caress becomes a fondling of her breasts. She moans, “Oh yes, yes, you feel so good.” As they intensity increases she arches her and wiggles her hips trying to change the angle of his cock against her body. He laughs he deep breathy laugh as he keeps his cock just between her as cheeks, just brushing against her quivering anus with each new stroke.

She can take his teasing no longer and reaches around with her right hand taking a firm grip on his cock. She guides the head of his cock to her anus. She then thrusts hard backward against him as she screams, “Oh Gawd, fuck my ass now!” He accepts her thrust as she impales her ass on his hard cock. Her ass cheeks slam into his pelvis and she gasps with a mixture of some pain but a lot of pleasure. They pause there for a moment, wait for her body to adjust to the intrusion. As soon as he feels her relax around his cock, he begins to slowly pump in and out of her ass. She begins moaning which increase in strength and volume as he speeds up his actions. His hands drop to her waist holding her tightly as begins pumping her ass harder and faster. She screams as she thrusts back to match his forward thrusts driving him deep into ass with each new stroke. They continue like this for several minutes, with him holding her waist, and her pressing against the cold stone with her hands. Suddenly he gasps, “Oh, Gawd!” and slams his cock hard into her holding it there as his entire body convulse with the intensity of his orgasm. She screams with pleasure as he spurts again and again deep inside her ass, driving her to yet another orgasm of her own.

He leans forward against her as his body finally begins to relax. They stay there like that for quite awhile, with his head resting on her back as they both try to catch the their breath. Finally his cock goes limp enough to just slip out of her ass. After she has regained some of her energy, she stands up forcing him off of her. She turns to face him. She wraps her arms around him and draws his mouth to hers for another kiss. As they are kissing she suddenly pushes him backwards into the deep water. She holds him in the kiss as they sink further and further from the surface, from the air. He begins to panic as his lunges scream for fresh oxygen. She continues to kiss and hold him tightly dragging him deeper into the water. He struggles to get free of her grasp but she is too strong and he is growing weaker by the second. With one last effort with all his strength to get free, everything goes black and cold.

His eyes hurt, there is a blinding light coming through his closed lids. His chest hurts, breathing is very difficult. He can hear voices around him but cannot make out what they are saying. His mind begins to clear, he remembers the black haired beauty, then he hears, “got him just in time, the nymph that lives in this spring almost claimed another victim.”

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OMG we need to meet i just got to have you your writing is so hot
i need to get fuck now
call me Maiden

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