Sexual History, Part 3  

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Sexual History, Part 3

Okay, the last two parts freaked me out a bit . . . I really don't like dwelling on that, but it's important to lay the foundation for what came next. I consider my age of awakening, when I became an adult, to be 15.

Granted, I was still emotionally immature, but my body and mind were adult. Having grown up without a childhood, thanks to my mother's misguided attempt to ensure I'd be successful in life, I matured earlier than most boys.

Don't think I'm under the delusion that I'm fully matured . . . I've got a lot of living to do before I can honestly and ethically make that claim. *g*


That following summer was the one that I spent at Uncle Dan's house. I grew a lot that summer and learned a new sexual trick . . . self-fellatio. I caught my cousin Ronnie jacking off one day and stayed hidden and watched him until he came. I wanted to go over and offer to suck him, but I didn't have the guts. I went to the bathroom to jack off and just felt a deep need to have a cock in my mouth, so I leaned over and found that while I couldn't get more than just past the head in my mouth, I could suck on the head while I jacked off and have some pretty intense orgasms.

At the start of that school year, I was an instant big shot. All the kids that teased me the year before walked on eggshells around me and those that didn't remember me or didn’t know me liked me 'cuz I was big, funny, and had muscles. I had grown nearly a foot during the summer and all the hard work in the hay fields had really paid off.

I used to hang out in the tunnels behind the school after school was over for the day. I had just stopped letting Mom tell me what to do from the day I returned home from Uncle Dan's. She had gone on welfare the year before and I think that killed her esteem or something because she didn't fight my declaration of independence.

We usually went about half a mile in to a large, square area we called the halfway house. Once we got there, all the guys put their names in a hat and the girls drew the names. The guy whose name was drawn went with the girl who drew his name into one of the offshoots, the idea being to make out. There were usually more guys than girls, so not every guy got a shot every time.

The first time my name was drawn was by a girl named Cheri. She was an excellent kisser and let me play with her breasts and rubbed my cock through my jeans while we jousted with our tongues.

Cheri was the only girl in the group one day, and when she drew, she drew her brother's name. We all laughed and agreed that we couldn't make her stick to the rules in that case, but she said rules are rules. They went into the tunnel and we all stared at each other. I guess it was of weird at the time, but in an intriguing way. They came back a little later and Randy (Cheri's brother) said that he thought since there was only one girl left, maybe we should change the rules. Cheri said she liked giving head, so if it was okay with the rest of us, we would just line up in the tunnel, turn off the flashlights, and she would make her way down the line. We all agreed and said we should start right then. She smiled and said okay. We went into the tunnel and turned off the flashlights. Cheri said for us to pull our pants down and wait patiently. About half an hour after we started, Mike shouted "Hey!" and turned on his flashlight. Cheri was giving Bob head, and Randy was sucking Mike. Mike stood up and cursed. We were all a little stunned. Mike took a swing at Randy and missed. Randy stepped back and Cheri jumped at Mike. I told them to cool off, and me being a foot taller than anyone else, things cooled off. I asked what the big deal was. I pointed out that Mike's cock was still hard so he must have been enjoying it. We all (after a long, boring discussion) agreed that it really didn't make a difference who was doing the sucking, a blowjob is a blowjob after all. We agreed that from now on, we would all line up and not touch the person giving us head. We also agreed that if anyone did, or if anyone turned on a light, the rest of us would kick the shit out of them. I went over to Randy and asked if he was okay. He said he was a little shaken up, but would be okay. I whispered to him that I would be helping him suck cocks and he looked surprised. I whispered that I would start with him as soon as the lights went out. When it was dark, I began rubbing his crotch. He leaned into me and kissed me, first tentatively, then with growing passion. I felt his cock harden in his jeans, and, without breaking the kiss, unsnapped and unzipped him. I dug in his underwear and took his cock out. It felt good to have a cock in my hand again. I knelt before him and pulled his pants and underwear down and took him in my mouth. He came almost immediately. I was a little disappointed, but it felt good knowing I could turn him on so easily. I swallowed him, then put his cock away and whispered that there were other cocks waiting. He kissed me again and we bent to our task. I sucked three cocks in addition to Randy's that first day, and had my cock sucked by Cheri. I walked Cheri and Randy home and we talked about getting together the following Saturday.

I went to Randy and Cheri's that Saturday. Their folks went to Eleven Mile for the weekend, so we had the whole house to ourselves. We only used Cheri's bedroom, though. As soon as I got there, before I even knocked on the door, Cheri greeted me. We went inside and Cheri told me her brother would be down shortly. She told me it was too cool knowing I was Bi. This was the first time I had ever heard the term and asked her what it meant. It was good to know there was actually a word for someone like me other than “faggot.“

She told me her and Randy had been fucking each other for three years. They were both Bi and had been planning for a long time to add another person or two. She said that Trish knew about them and would join except she doesn't like Randy. She said that if Trish knew I was part of their group that perhaps she would want to join also. I told her that I wouldn't mind inviting Trish to join us one little bit.

She told me that I should just relax and enjoy the day. Everything was planned and her and Randy were looking forward to entertaining me. Then she stood up and undressed. She did so in a slow and seductive manner, smiling the whole time. Cheri has a great body. She was a little "heavy" for most guys' taste, but firm and curvy. She had large, firm breasts that swayed tantalizingly with her movements. She wasn’t a natural blond, as I soon found out, her natural hair color was a dark brown.

As soon as she was naked, she asked me to stand up. I did so, and she began to remove my clothing. She kissed me and unbuttoned my shirt, slowly sliding it off my shoulders. She began kissing my neck, then my shoulders, then my chest. She gently bit first one, then the other nipple. I liked that. She continued kissing her way down my body until she was kneeling before me.

She untied my shoes and told me to lean on her as she took off the shoes, then the socks. She then unfastened my jeans and pulled them down. I lifted my legs out of them and the jeans joined my shirt on the floor. I was hard, my cock straining against my shorts. She put her mouth over my hardness, causing me to groan.

"I promised Randy that he could take your shorts off", she said, then continued to rub my cock with her lips through the fabric of my shorts. She then took my ass-cheeks in her hands and began kneading them. She dipped one finger against my anus and pushed in. I moaned and pushed my cock harder against her face.

"You like that?" she asked. I nodded.

She licked her finger, reached inside my shorts and gently inserted it into my ass. I began rubbing my cock against her face, and she increased her activity with her mouth and finger.

"Hey! Don't make him cum too soon!" Randy was entering the living room.

He was naked and his hair was wet. Cheri laughed and took her finger out of my ass. She told Randy I needed an enema.

Randy led me upstairs and into the bathroom. He knelt in front of me and pulled my shorts off, taking my cock immediately into his warm, soft mouth. He moved his tongue around the head while massaging my balls with his left hand, jacking me off with his right and applying gentle suction with his lips and cheeks.

After a few seconds, I began thrusting into his mouth and he let me fuck his face for a few minutes, then stopped me. He let my cock fall out of his mouth and then asked me if I had ever had an enema. I had and told him so. He filled a douche bag with warm water, then asked me to bend over. He licked my ass-hole, making it slippery, then inserted the nozzle, slowly masturbating me as my bowels filled with water. When the bag was empty, I sat on the toilet, holding the water in while Randy slowly sucked my cock. I warned him I was going to empty and he sat back.
When I was through with the enema, he started the shower. He took me by the hand and led me into the shower and began soaping me up, spending long and tantalizing moments rubbing between my ass cheeks and stroking my cock. After I was cleaned to his satisfaction, I returned the favor, then we rubbed our soapy torsos together while the water rinsed us off. We finished rinsing and Randy toweled me off, again spending long, luxurious moments on my asshole and cock.

He dried himself off then led me into his sister's bedroom. She was laying on her back in her bed. Her legs were spread wide and she was furiously fucking herself with a cucumber. She told me to lick her clit, and I knelt before her and complied. While I was doing that, Randy knelt behind me and slowly masturbated me while he licked my ass-hole.

I had never felt so completely wired in my life. Every nerve in my body was tingling. Very quickly, Cheri started literally screaming as an orgasm shook her body. I kept licking her cunt long after she had mellowed out and the cucumber lay useless beneath my chin. Cheri opened her eyes after a while and smiled at me. "Come up here.", she said. Randy let go of my cock and stopped licking my ass and I crawled up on the bed with Cheri. She took my left hand and placed it on her breast and pulled me, by the hair, to her face and began kissing me. I kissed back and massaged her breasts, gently pinching the nipples occasionally. Randy crawled up on the bed and laid on her other side. He joined us in our kiss and began to finger-fuck Cheri.

It was wild having three tongues dance against each other. Eventually, Cheri took my hand off her breast and put it on Randy's cock. I was more than happy to slowly masturbate him while our incredible kiss continued. Cheri put Randy's hand on her breast, then took my cock in her left hand and began to finger-fuck herself with her right hand. We continued like this for a while, then Randy positioned himself so that he could suck my cock. He took me into his mouth and slowly moved his lips over the shaft. Cheri smiled and moved so that she could suck Randy's cock and put her cunt near my face. I took the hint and began to eat her out.

I came and Randy greedily sucked up every drop, then licked me completely clean. We changed position so that I was sucking Randy's cock, Randy was eating out Cheri, and Cheri was coaxing life back into my cock with her lips, tongue, and fingers. She put one finger in my ass and slowly fucked me while kneading my cock and licking my balls. Between this sensation and the feel of a stiff cock sliding across my lips, it was no time at all before I was hard again.

Cheri stopped and lay back on the bed, spreading her legs and mouthing the words "fuck me." I reluctantly stopped sucking Randy's cock and moved into position. Cheri's cunt was wet and hot, and I soon forgot my loss. I fucked her slowly for a few minutes, then felt Randy's tongue on my ass-hole. He slobbered all over it, spit on his cock, then thrust into my ass. It hurt just a little, but soon the pain gave way to incredible pleasure and we were thrusting fast and hard.

Cheri came first, then Randy. He filled my ass with his cum, then stopped stroking, just letting his cock sit in my ass. I continued to fuck Cheri for a few minutes, then, realizing that she wasn't responding, stopped and just laid on her, gently sucking first one nipple, then the other.

"I want to watch you two," Cheri said. Randy pulled out of my ass and lay back. I moved into a 69 position and took his cock in my mouth once again. He was still half hard, and I soon brought him to full erection.

We went at each other like starving men sucking the marrow from fried chicken bones. I felt his cock get harder and hotter, and just the knowledge that he was about to cum brought me to orgasm. He shot in my mouth just a split second before I returned the favor.

We lay there, panting for several minutes, still gently licking each other's cocks and balls while Cheri rubbed our asses and backs, a huge grin on her face.

Finally, Cheri stood up and said we should go clean up. We took a shower together, and while we were soaping each other up, Randy and I got hard again.

"You boys! What are we going to do with you?" Cheri was smiling wickedly as she played with both of our cocks. She turned toward Randy, lifted her left foot to the side of the tub, and guided his cock into her pussy. She then pulled me, by my cock, to her ass. I pushed inside her and felt Randy moving in her cunt. It was pretty wild.

Cheri started moaning and came almost immediately, but Randy and I showed her no mercy and fucked her with increasing speed. I came first, and leaned against the wall. I left my cock in her ass until Randy came and then we both pulled out. We finished our shower and got dressed.

Cheri asked if I wanted to spend the night and I wasted no time agreeing to do so. We all slept in Cheri's bed . . . well, what little sleep we got was accomplished in Cheri's bed. What we mostly did was take turns fucking and sucking each other. During the night and the following morning, Randy and I did a 69 and he fucked me once. I fucked Cheri once, and she gave me head once, but I didn't cum. Randy fucked Cheri while I licked her ass-hole and his balls. After Randy came, I licked his sperm out of Cheri's cunt while he sucked my cock. I didn't cum that time, either.

It was less than a week after our night of lust that Cheri's folks told her they were moving in a couple months because her father had been transferred. Cheri wanted to get together at least one more time and asked me to invite Trish along. I did just that at lunch the same day and was mildly surprised when she said she'd be happy to. I called Cheri to tell her it was all set up and we masturbated while telling each other what we would like to happen.

I arrived at Cheri's around 4 the day we were supposed to get together with Trish. Cheri’s father answered the door and he immediately grabbed me by the shirt and began shouting stuff at me, getting right in my face. I could feel his spit accumulating on my skin, so I punched him to get him off me. He went down like a sack of potatoes and started gasping that he was calling the police.

"Go ahead," I said calmly, "I'm a minor and you just attacked me, I'd really like for you to call the police, asshole!"

He thought about it for a second, composed himself, got to his feet and then quietly told me that if he ever saw me near his daughter again he'd kill me. I was absolutely certain he meant what he said and I shrugged nonchalantly and left.

I started for home, then changed my mind and stopped at Freddie's to play some foosball. Randy was there. He said he was waiting for me and hoped his dad hadn't scared me too bad.

I told him what happened and he said "Shit, now Mom's going to catch hell. He always takes stuff out on her." He then explained that her dad had found a letter Cheri had written to me thanking me for making her cum so hard and saying she couldn't wait until tonight. Fortunately, she hadn't mentioned anything but the fact that her and I had fucked and intended to do so again. She hadn't mentioned anything about Randy or Trish in the letter.

Cheri had been sent to her aunt's place to stay until the family got settled. Randy told me she would be writing to me, but she never did.

Randy and I met almost every day for about a month and had some sort of sex. After he left there was no sex but solo for several months.

I spent the night at Bob's for the first time toward the end of 9th grade. After we went to bed, we started talking about sex and the subject of masturbation came up. Bob was bouncing the covers up and down in exaggerated mimic of jacking off and after a while, Bob said "Fuck it, I'm going to masturbate."

I was jacking off the whole time he was pretending to and almost as soon as the sentence left his mouth, I had a very hard orgasm. I asked Bob if he wanted me to finish him off, and he laughed like he thought I was joking. He came pretty soon after I asked the question, though, which led me to believe the idea turned him on.

After a few minutes, he softly asked me if I was joking. Reading something in his voice, I told him I was, and since it was dark, I couldn't tell for sure if he was disappointed. I jacked off again, quieter this time, while listening to his breathing and fantasizing about sucking his cock.

The tunnel games "petered" out after Cheri left, and we just hung around, for the most part. Sometimes we would pair off with girls, but it was mutual choice, no games and no mention of the glory days. I think the thing with Randy freaked the guys out pretty bad and they were feeling guilty or something.

Anyway, a few days after I had spent the night at Bob’s, he and I were the last to leave the tunnels and as we came into the light of the tunnel mouth, Bob asked me if we could jack off before leaving. We did, and I could just make Bob out in the dim light. I came pretty quick and continued to jack off while watching him. I was fascinated watching his hand stroke his cock. He was larger than me by at least an inch, and his cock was straight and fat. I started fantasizing about kneeling in front of him and taking his cock in my mouth.

I noticed him moving his hand faster and his breathing became ragged. I glued my eyes to the tip of his cock and his first spurt of cum made my second orgasm peak. He pulled up his pants and started to leave. I told him I would see him tomorrow. When he was gone, I put a finger in a pool of his cum and tasted it, planning his seduction. I remember thinking “People are so fucking weird. Having your cock sucked feels good. Why wouldn't any guy accept a blowjob from anyone?” I hadn’t really figured out the whole homophobia thing . . . then again, I guess I still haven’t.

I don't think there’s anything wrong with being bi. I guess I lean more toward the hetero side because I’d rather have sex with women, but I just happen to like sucking cock, and if it's done right, a cock in my ass feels good. It's kinda like apple pie and chocolate cake. I love chocolate cake, but I like apple pie better. If I have apple pie five nights in a row and there's a choice of apple pie or chocolate cake on the sixth night, I'll choose the chocolate cake. Nah, bad metaphor . . . people don't call you a faggot and treat you like you're scum if you choose chocolate cake on the sixth night.

Bob and I jacked off in the tunnels almost every day for the rest of the school year. We spent the night at each other's houses once or twice a week and it wasn’t long before we began jacking off totally naked with the lights on. He started out keeping his eyes closed, but after a few session, he started watching me, or rather, peeking at me. I always kept my eyes slightly slitted so I could keep an eye on him without him knowing it and I caught him peeking more and more often as time progressed.

One day we were at my house, in the living room, on the couch, of course . . . jacking off. Our knees kept touching, and the first few times, Bob pulled his away, but then, he left it. I was electrified! I purposely moved my knee against his, and he started jacking off a little faster. I moved closer so that our thighs were touching, and he came, squirting some of his cum on my leg!

I rubbed it into my thigh and came pretty hard. "You liked that?" Bob asked. I just grinned, and he took some cum from his belly and rubbed it into my thigh.

I just closed my eyes, and he rubbed his hand all over my thigh and stomach, rubbing our cum into my flesh. He even rubbed my cock, making me hard again. He stopped and I asked why. He said he didn't know, but it felt funny and he just wanted to quit. I said okay and told him I would be back in a minute. I went into my bedroom and laid out a bunch of pictures I had stolen from my uncle on the floor. These were black-and-white pictures of guys fucking and sucking each other.

I tilted the mirror on my dresser so I could watch myself and see the door behind me. I took a candle out of my dresser, stuck it in my ass and started jacking off, never taking my eyes from the mirror. Within seconds, I saw Bob standing in the doorway, watching me.

I could only see him from the chest down, so I don't know the expression on his face, but he was rubbing his cock through his jeans while he watched. I came and pulled the candle out. I mumbled softly (pretending I didn't see Bob standing there) that I wished Bob would let me suck him and teach him how to fuck me. Bob rubbed his cock harder, and then left.

I got dressed and walked into the living room. Bob asked me what took so long and I said I had to take care of a problem. I wanted him to ask me to take care of his problem (his cock was straining against his jeans), but all he did was ask if I minded if he jacked off again. I told him to go ahead. He jacked off with me watching the whole time and wishing he would ask me to suck him.

The next time Bob spent the night at my house, we were in bed and as usual, jacking off when he asked me if he could jack us both off. I instantly said okay and he grabbed my cock with his left hand. It was great! I almost came, and he stopped. "I watched you the other day in your room. I heard what you said. I saw the candle and the pictures. Are you gay?"

I laughed and told him no, I just liked chocolate cake once in a while. I think he got the joke because he smiled. "I don't want to be like a couple or anything, but if you want to suck my cock you can. Just promise no one will find out."

I promised and he laid back and closed his eyes. I turned so that my cock was inches from his face. I had the hope that he would want to experiment and I was making that option obvious. I bent to his cock and took it in my mouth. I slowly buried it in my mouth and then slowly backed off, savoring the heat, the texture, the taste. I breathed deeply of his scent. He tasted good. It had been months since I had given a blowjob, and I determined this would be the best I'd ever given. I slowly slid my lips up and down the length of his shaft. I hollowed my cheeks so that the most flesh possible would be caressing his head. I swirled my tongue around the head when I pulled back, and pressed it hard against his shaft on the down-stroke. I had my lips pulled over my teeth almost painfully. I was determined that he would feel nothing but soft flesh against his cock. I took his balls in my left hand and very gently kneaded them. I squeezed his ass with my right hand, and then softly tickled his anus. He freaked and pulled his cock out of my mouth, telling me he just couldn't do it. I was incredibly disappointed.

I pretty much gave up on sex after the fiasco with Bob. We never even masturbated together again after that incident and a few months later, his brother was transferred to Germany and Bob went back home. He never even said goodbye. That hurt, man. It wasn't like I had lost a lover or anything, I just felt totally confused about the whole sex issue and decided to simply not have sex anymore, but then I met Carol.

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