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D_Wanita 43F
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3/18/2005 2:44 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Last evening

Went to the bar at around 10pm, few people, boring just loud music.
Bit later someone touched my chair, “will you dance with me?”.
As soon as we start, … I gave him some freedom to see my breasts closely and jeeeez, he was up and “running” in a second. I touched his cock ‒ may be 7-8” but wide, I mean it, real wide and this is what I like most.
“going to ladies” I said and… he followed me.
Tell you, very tight space over there but we did good, till he came once ‒ I did it 3 times.
Only disappointment ‒ had to be quite but was ready to scream real loud.
Some 10 minutes of most beautiful sensation.
Today want try someone new, girls are saying he got 9-10”, don’t want to miss the chance... may be in elevator?
What you think having sex in different plaices such as.... office table during lunch break?

Cathy_Dave 55M/55F

3/18/2005 5:36 pm

Public sex is always exciting.....daring.....maybe the thrill that you might get caught......what ever the reason it always excites me.One occation that I often think of was on a pier at a park close to us. The pier is in a T shape at the end.....I was bent over the husband lifted my skirt.....slid my panties down......opened his jeans enough to get his cock out and fucked me doggie style while we watched people walking along the pathway at the other end of the pier.....they were close enough that if they took a good look they would catch on to what we were doing but just far enough away not to notice. I found it sooooo exciting......two orgasms before my husband was done......He pulled out of me.....I turned around to give him a kiss only to see a boat on the other side of the pier drifting along with four guys looking at husband turned to look and the four guys stood up in the boat and started clapping their hands yelling encore....encore.....I was so embaressed yet sooooo turned on that these guys had watched us......we went home and couldn't get enough of each other for the rest of the night......Cathy

couplefun1000 60M/43F
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4/2/2005 10:29 pm

was christmas eve - my GF and I met for lunch - not to eat but to fuck. all hotels were booked, so we did end up having lunch. we remain horny and i went one floor up where it was more quiet. we slipped into the ladies and into one of the stalls. sje sucked me instantly and minutes later I fucked her from behind. she was dripping. I came quickly then turned her around to lick. we got back out and as we awalk she whisper - "your juices are running down my legs"

rm_nice_dick_20 32M
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7/15/2005 5:53 am

suck my dick if u can

Juvefans 46M
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7/28/2005 3:47 am

Fucking in the office is so exiciting.

lontong_baso 48M
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7/31/2005 10:03 pm

What about having sex in a public parking lot? Or, have you tried to have one while driving along the inner-Jakarta toll road? Just pay for the toll fee and you can do it all way through. I have done it several times. Not fully undressed, though... Just take off your panties, and unzip your couple's zipper. Put the rubber on just for the sake of simplicity when he's cumming. And just go for it. Well-worthed if he's driving an automatic car.

SexyMac25 31M
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8/20/2005 11:31 pm

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