Night stalker  

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3/22/2006 2:21 pm
Night stalker

I seen you, but you didn't see me. You were
wearing this short tight dress that showed off your nice ass. As soon as I noticed it was you my cock grew instantly rock hard. You must of been just leaving because you went to the check out line. I watched as you walked to your car. It must of been my lucky day because the parking spot that you parked in was a little ways from the store. I could see as you put the bags in the car that you didn't have any panties on. I walked up behind you at the perfect time as you were bending over to put a bag in the back
seat. I told you to "stay right there and don't
move!" I could see that you were scared by the way that you were shaking. I lifted up your dress and felt that you was dripping wet. I licked your wet pussy long and slow which made a soft moan come from your lips. I put my finger in your tight pussy up to the middle knuckle and sucked on your clit. This drove you wild! I couldn't stand the way my cock was fighting to get out of my pants. I got up and grabed you by the hair, at the same time slaped your ass. I forced your face in the seat so your ass was straight in the air. I pulled my rock hard dick out and rubbed it against your moist pussy. By this time you were begging for me to stick it in. But I told you to "shut the fuck up" and smacked your ass hard enough to leave a hand print. I know this only makes you hotter and hungry for my dick. You should have seen the way you were begging to get fucked. I reached under you shirt and grabbed a hand full of tit and started to pinch and pull at your nipples. At the same time I slid the full length of my big thick cock all the way in your pussy, and started to fuck you with long slow strokes. I love to see the way your ass bounces as I start to pick up the pace. Your moaning so loud that I have to put a shirt in your mouth to muffle the sounds. You could hear my balls smacking your clit as I'm fucking you full speed, going deeper and deeper with each stroke. Every now and then I pull my soaked dick out to smack your ass with it. I'm playing with your asshole with my thumb, and slide it in as I give you slow powerful strokes. After a while I replace my thumb with my cock. Slowly sliding it in as far as your tight ass will let me. This makes you lose your breath, because you weren't expecting it. I can see you want me to stop or didn't want me going as deep as I was because you where pushing my hips back. But after you got use to the girth and lenght you start to fuck me back and tell me "don't stop". I'm pulling your hair which makes go deeper. Your ass is so tight and feels so good! I'm about to cum, and can tell that you already have. I pull my cock out and cum all over your nice round ass. Your out of breath and lay in the back seat trying to catch your breath. I slip away in the dark before you could see that it's me, but you know who it was!

smith5762003 45F

4/9/2007 6:27 pm

you know just what to do

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