Honey and Fire  

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Honey and Fire

"So," Eaglion starts with a still humorous, yet friendly tone, "whatever it is you need me for, I'm game."
Suprised, the rider of the smaller house stammers slightly in reply, "I...I just rode over to meet you, M'lord. I've no great task that requires one of your abilities."
With a respectful bow to the nameless lady, the fabled warrior kindly objects. "M'lady, I'm at your service no matter how small a task it may be. And as for Titles, I'm but a simple man."
"I'm of no noble blood, Eaglion, so no need for titles being thrown my way as well," now continueing with a quizicle voice, "Do you always pledge your services to those you do not know the names of?"
"M'lady, you definately have the look of noble blood," Eaglion pauses for a moment as his eyes blatently take in every inch of his possible travel companion, "as you are very pleasing to look upon. As for your name, I'm sure you will revile it to me in good time."
The ravenhaired stranger's face clouds with anger, and retorts with much crossness, "Eaglion, I'm not one of your play-things or conquests!" With that she pulls the reins and faces her hourse west, and spurs her fast horse on down the lonely country road.
"Ahh yes," the refused rider exhales in an almost whipser, "what a breath of fresh air." A deep breath and a sigh follow.
Silently padding out from the tree line strides a very large canine creature, who lightly whines and looks after the now raising dust cloud.
"You like her don't ya Thurs?" the warrior questions his canine companion, and continues with a knowing tone, "at least she's goin in our direction."

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