Power Fantasies and other forbiden fruit.  

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7/14/2006 2:37 pm
Power Fantasies and other forbiden fruit.

The standard woman’s fantasy is to be forced into sex against her will. Most of these fantasies do not include beatings or really brutal acts, just the threat of one. To be held in place and forced to have sex. The fantasy generally ends with pleasure. So in this day and age of sexual repression in this country how does one feel safe enough to indulge in such an act? With the intervention of law enforcement shutting down the swinger clubs and policing the porn sites I’m surprised that this site continues to exist. What happened to freedom of choice, speech, religion, lifestyle? This is no longer the free to pursue happiness country it started out to be. The religious sects of this nation continue to try to force us all into their molds and are slowly succeeding. The news is filled with website being shut down and the website owners fined or jailed. You have a choice to either visit them or not, your lack of self control should not be passed on to the rest of us. You are responsible for your self, for your actions, for your thought, deal with it. And leave the rest of us the fuck alone! I like my sex rough once in awhile, not brutal, that’s not my game. But I should be free to indulge in those fantasies with others that want to participate without fear of legal reprisal. I should be allowed to have, maintain and publish such a website without fear of legal reprisal. No one forces you to look at these sites. The sites say adult content, and warn against the presense of sexual content, deal with it. And back off and let us perverts and sex-aholics alone to enjoy our evil pleasures with each other. All you saintly little do-gooders weren’t invited here in the first place. Hmmmmm Wonder what would happen if we started picketing churches?

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