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The end of my twenty four hour shift is here. On my feet all day the hallway of the hospital seems to never end. Shiny floors and bleached white walls are the back drop of the maternity ward. During my final rounds patients fast asleep with recovery and hope in mind. I place the final clipboard on the counter and wish the night staff farewell.

Making my way down the corridor sudden flashes of lightning appear through the windows. The janitor gives me a sullen nod and a sheepish grin. He proclaims, “There’s a storm brewing outside!” I acknowledge his gesture, bid him safe passage, and continue for the elevator. Standing in wait I watch the elevator dial descend slowly from the floor above.

I adjust my scrubs as the bell rings an isolated tone. The doors open as the elevator settles into place. I shuffle through the opening when our eyes meet. You notice mine match the scrubs color of blue. There you stand so innocent and coy dressed in jeans and a tight red-knit sweater.

Recognizing your increased discomfort with your arms crossed against your voluptuous chest. The elevator begins to fall in a hurried decent. Suddenly our space goes dark and comes to a sudden jerky halt. The power is out, it must be the storm! Emergency lights now reflecting against our face.

For a moment you withdraw with tears welling fast. I hold you by your shoulders with gentle reassurance. As a new mother, you explain your nursing pump broke today. You are here to get a replacement and haven’t been able to relieve your milk laden breasts all day. Hard, painful, and hot your breasts appear to swell in front of my eyes.

Two souls placed on hold for a spell, sitting on the floor with your back against my chest.
Upset and hurting you devise an immediate solution. As I am massaging your shoulders in a relaxing effort you lustfully whisper in my ear. “Doctor, it hurts.” You plead, “Can you help with the pressure?”

For a moment the world can no longer be heard over the deafening thud of my heart. Your breasts restricted by your sweater beg for immediate attention. I take your large cups in my strong powerful hands. You moan in forced delight unwilling to fight the reaction my assistance brings.

I feel your hips tense as my massage seems to miss the solution you need. You pull up your sweater exposing both sweets inside. Two incredible mounds of exotic flesh each tipped with dark nipples standing tall.

I cup each breast supporting their weight. The sudden pressure creates a sensational stream of milk that hits the wall. You giggle, a bit embarrassed by the sudden explosive show.

You take a chance and explain, “Doctor squeezing isn’t enough! I need you to suck my tits until the pain goes away…” The thought of what you said has me breaking through my skin. You notice my profound presence. Struggling you find the words, “Oh Doctor!”.

Lying across your lap, you place an erect and desperate breast in my mouth. I taste the sweet milk that causes you your pain. You whisper in my ear speaking clear you tell me to suck it hard.

I suck harder as milk spills out of my mouth and onto the floor. The sensation makes you moan as you dig your nails into my scalp, holding me close with a nurturing tone. You can hardly stand the sight of piercing blue eyes staring up while I feed.

You reach with your hand and remember I’m a man as I have grown to my fullest potential. Your mouth gapes open with a surprised sigh and wanting spirit. Stroking my hard jesture you want to show me the same favor.

My suckling grows intense as I kiss with my lips. You pull my face away causing a drip to hit the floor. Lost in the moment you beg for my stature in your mouth right there on the floor.

I stand exposing the length that makes me a man. You grab the base and pull it to your face. Handling my ass you force the length in with a gasp as you shamelessly make me stutter.

My eyes glaze over as I reach the ultimate flight. Your warm and wet reward is thrown. Lost in passion surprised as one. We both realize that are moment has passed. Lights back on, elevator moving now, we begin to find our clothes.

Doors open exposing an impatient crowd now formed. Our mutual blushing sure to tell the secret of our seduction exposed. Naughty!

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*can we have a private consult?*

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

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I've never quite understood how some men can find nursing women and their breast milk sexual until now. Congratulations, you've opened my eyes.

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