Just another day...  

DDMB025 33M
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3/6/2006 8:36 pm
Just another day...

Like always...I've been real busy with school. One test last week, a speech tomorrow and two test on Thrusday, I practically have no social life... Well, that's kind of a farse but it does put a damper on enjoying college.

But on the brighter side of life, I have been talking to this one girl that goes to my college. She is extremly fun to be around, has beautiful eyes, a great personality, and a good kisser. What more could one ask??
Since next week is spring break, we are going to go on a date the week after (because we are both really busy this week). I really don't know how serious of a relationship I want right now, but I know I like her (but that doesn't really say a lot). She is the first girl I've really dated since I broke up with my ex. I think I'm just going to let things happen and not rush into things. Like I said, I really don't want to get too serious, but I enjoy having someone that I can share things with and be close to (sex is also a BIG PLUS!!!).

Other than that, I just got a new car. It's the absolute definition of PIMP. A candy apple red sports car... registers 160 mph, this puppy will fly! I've already gotten it up to 110 mph and it was as smooth as silk and wanted to go faster, but cars started to come in the other lane so I backed off.

Anyway... back to studying. I'm really feeling a lot better now... I've kinda been in the dumps lately, but things are starting to turn around; and I like it!!!

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