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7/3/2006 4:05 pm

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Profile Pics

I'm a new member of AdultFriendFinder, but I've been on Alt for several months. One thing that bugs the living hell out of me here and there is profile pics.

Those little postage stamp things are there for a reason. I can understand how a standard member may not want to put a picture up, but when you actually pay for membership why not? For Pete’s sake, mine is only a shot of my eyes, but at least it’s something! I can understand not wanting to reveal ones identity to the whole internet, but you can always fuzz out the face.

Next thing is dick and tit shots. Sure be proud of your assets, but not everyone cares about what you got first. And if they do, they probably care about everything else, so just give them a good full frontal nude shot including your face. Black box the eyes if you want, but if you got a dick like a horse and a face like an ass better to get it out in the open right off the bat. And if you got 44G’s in the tit sling and a pair of battleships in the back, follow the fore mentioned advice.

And holy shit, doesn’t anyone who checks these photos look at porn? Half the fucking “nice” looking ones are ripped right from porn sites. And I’m not talking the small Romanian sites featuring a girl, a donkey and a buzz saw shot with a Polaroid Instamatic. Some of these pics are of girls who have been on more than one hard drive and have a career.

Needless to say, I tend to look at the pics first. If you are going to put a pic on your profile, use a good one that catches the viewers interest.

Even if it’s just your eyes!

The preceding was a raft of bullshit, probably typed as tears of laughter dropped onto the keyboard. It may have had a point at some point, but now there is no point or it pointed into a generally different direction. Needless to say you cannot have your five minutes back and the management could care less how much your IQ just dropped. You should really try to get more action on this site and read less garbage like this!

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