Fakers, Scammers & Pieces of Shit  

DCellar 47M
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7/4/2006 11:05 pm

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8/18/2006 9:20 pm

Fakers, Scammers & Pieces of Shit

Ever wonder if that person on the other end of the screen is real. I must admit that at times I’ve had conversations where the bullshit meter popped like a mercury filled thermometer in a flaming bag of molten suck!

It makes you wonder each time you start a new conversation if you are talking to A a real person, B a bored room of drunken frat boys, C some one who wants to turn you into a lampshade, or D a piece of shit scam artist looking to make a dime off your horny little ass.

You’d hope that your friends could help you identify the real ones from the fake ones. However I’ve seen it done over at Alt were one maybe two people impersonated a slew of profiles. Of course all of the alternate personalities vouched for each other. Be kinda hard to all stay in the same head if they didn’t believe each other existed. Anyhow, they never took anyone for anything that was ever admitted to by anyone, but they did have a tendency to take over discussions on a few forums when they wanted to swing a point of view.

So there are jerks out there. How the hell would you find out who is real or not. Hopefully it isn’t by meeting them in real life at a truck stop in the middle of New Jersey at 2:30 in the morning. Next time we see you, it may be coming out of some sociopaths house in the form of a book cover. Here are a few of my own personal strategies:

Do they have a profile that is worth shit? If you notice, mine is chockablock full of shit. Some of it very putting off to the average female. Most girls for instance aren’t interested in married guys unless the wife is coming along. Take a look at some very obvious fake profiles and you’ll see that they cater to the most popular of taste. Real people on the other hand have warts… hopefully not of the genital kind… but warts and all the rest. Some of the nicest people and closest friends I have are basket cases. Thing is, hang ups, melodrama, behavioral quirks et al, they are real people. Nineteen and wants to fuck fat old men seems a little too convenient!

Another thing is do they blog? Real people do, people with 27 fake profiles don’t. It’s hard to come up with all this drivel and shit. Fakers aren’t going to take the time to write out meaningless fodder for the masses. They may plagiarize it from someone else’s blog, but the key there is 245 post in a single day. Ding dong, Stephen King don’t even write that much bullshit in a day.

Finally, if they are chatting with you online, get a pick. Even if they only have a digital camera, get them to take a pic of themselves and the current conversation on screen. Shit fuck yeah if that don’t put the real person in the conversation. And if they don’t have a camera? How did they get that nice pic of themselves on the postage stamped profile shot? Ok, used a friends maybe. You’re trying to date online jerk off, BUY A DIGITAL CAMERA!

So any ways, they moral is be safe and be sane. Think twice and masturbate once.

The preceding was a raft of bullshit, probably typed as tears of laughter dropped onto the keyboard. It may have had a point at some point, but now there is no point or it pointed into a generally different direction. Needless to say you cannot have your five minutes back and the management could care less how much your IQ just dropped. If a moose bit your sister, get immediate medical attention for the moose!

secondtimeluck00 48F

7/4/2006 11:38 pm

Overall, I agree, but if someone does not blog, does not necessarily mean they are fakes. I had hesitation over blogging here. I blog a lot on other prim and proper sites, but somehow I am not too crazy about getting too much exposure on this site, and hence I had hesitation at first. Plus, I am not sure how others will view it if I blog cos a lot of the ppl here prefer discretion. I know blogging does not mean kiss and tell, but some ppl might worry about that. It was my own personal issue that I had hesitation about it. But anyway it shows that some that do not blog can be real too.

phoenix639 50F

7/4/2006 11:51 pm

There are actually a fair few bots who DO blog on here. They take topics from the internet on epic proportions & post them.

They are also floating around the Ad lines acting a real people. Mostly in their early twenties...men as well as women.

Many times when people get caught out by the BS its their own fault for being too naieve.

If a man doesnt attract these 'type' of women in the outside world why would he attract them in the internet world?

Being caught out once...fair enough but to be a 'constant victim' of these bots, well it just shows they never learn do they & they lack common sense.

The men i chat to on here dont encounter bots at all....they are too savvy to fall for that kind of crap.

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7/5/2006 12:27 am

Welcome to Blogville, bro.

Now feel the pain....

If your intuition can't save you from being fooled by the scammers and bots, then you shouldn't be on here.


"My every move is a calculated step, to bring me closer to embrace an early death." -Tupac Shakur

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