Angels in the Sky  

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3/15/2006 7:20 am

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5/7/2006 6:59 pm

Angels in the Sky

Standing before you as you take your last breath...
You were my friend and my father....

As a child, you would say, "All the stars in the sky are angels in the heaven"......

Now, at the end of your journey...
The words out of your mouth I do not understand...
Standing before you saying "close your eyes and go to the angels in the sky"....
each breath you take getting less and less stronger..
until you take your last deep breath.....
I know you have arrived to the angels in the sky....


bullseyetou 64M
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3/18/2006 9:03 am

thank you Daisy - well said. I was with my mom when she went

walkinatmidnight 57M

3/19/2006 8:12 pm

Lovely and sad...nice stuff Daisy.

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3/24/2006 9:57 am

bullseyetou - its hard to loose a loved one..its been 15 yrs now since he has been gone...

walkinatmidnight - thanks...

timo-timo 69M

3/31/2006 5:37 pm

the sadness never seems to fade for that moment when we let loose the hand and it slips from our grasp...

for these reasons, the comfort we take from the moments of love we know now, becomes ever so much more needful.

this love, the moment, is the whole point.

DAISYDUKE1004 replies on 3/31/2006 9:55 pm:
I really like your style... ~D~

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