New to Mytle Beach  

Cyronaseez 39M
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8/5/2006 11:47 pm
New to Mytle Beach

Ok, I'm a guy so no one is probably going to take the time to read this but I guess I'll waste my time anyhow.
I just moved to myrtle beach recently and I must say it's not a great place to meet people so far. I lived here for many years and moved away about 2 years ago. I'm back and the only chages I see are for the worse.
It would be so nice to meet a girl or woman, which ever you may be, and have a good time together. Maybe once all the tourist leave things will be easier. I hope so. As for this site, I don't think any of the girls are real as almost all never respond. Of course that's doesn't mean they aren't real, but I'd rather think that. I guess the bottom line is girls have all the pussy and all the men and some of the women want it. Supply and demand. Shit!

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