Christmas Poem  

CyberHeroNAlbNY 51M
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12/23/2005 12:33 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Christmas Poem

I have never mastered Poetry.
I simply can't handle the rhyme,
But these words come to me
During this Christmas time.

I rush through the season
Scurrying from store to store
While ads assault me scream'n...
"More! More! More!"

As I sit here surrounded
By the wreckage of wrapping;
Planning a trip for which
I have yet to begin packing.

It strikes me that the most meaningful gift
Is nothing I have bought.
Nothing I have purchased
To try to fill each and every want.

It's not held by ribbons.
It's not held by bows.
It's not held by wrapping paper
Hiding goodness-who-knows.

It is given freely
And comes from the heart
And means much more than any shiny
Or electronic part.

It is the Love that is given
And expects nothing in return.
No advertising can match
How it makes the heart burn.

Given freely or at great cost
To the best of family and freinds
And will last much longer
Than when the spirit of the holidays ends.

Give the most important gift
To those near and those far.
Let them know how much you care
Wherever you are.

The season ends quickly
And time marches on.
We can no longer give this precious gift
To those that have gone.

© Copyright CyberHeroNAlbNY

Itsaprettypink1 51F  
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12/25/2005 8:58 am

What a beautiful sentiment. Having lost a brother, stepdad, and my mom - all in December and January of various years - I understand the "Christmas Blues". Seize the day! Tell those loved ones how special they are- even when it means being vunerable. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Happy Holidays!

CyberHeroNAlbNY 51M
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12/26/2005 3:42 am

Thanks, Red, it's nice to hear from someone that can truly understand where the poem comes from. I lost my mother over the summer and thought I was over the heavy-duty emotional rigors of the event.

With your losses I can empathize with having the "Christmas Blues." They are something I try to avoid myself since I'd rather get into the spirit of the holday and be happy in spite of the pressures of the season and extra stresses at work. I enjoy makin others happy and this time of year truly lets me get away with it.

After all the presents were opened and piles of gifts were scattered about I printed the poem and read what I had written. I am quite accostomed to reading and presenting material in front of others from spending years of doing it every day. With enough practice... public speaking is cake, and these were all people I knew. I have a good voice and can bring life to the driest of material to be able to be able to present anything I need to to an assembled group.

Not this time. Before I even completed the first verse I had started choking up. By the time I struggled through the fourth verse my voice was almost gone and all of the women were already welling up with tears. Reciting the rest became a blur of half-completed phrases, gulping for air the would not come, and scrambling for words I knew were in front of me and read only moments before.

In all my years of public speaking I have never had a more difficult experience in presenting something or doing recitation. (And I have been part of writing/acting in some BAD plays.) Yet, even with all of the difficulties I had in presenting my efforts... With things being stammered out... Pauses that were nowhere in line with where the poem should have had them as I struggled within myself... There was not a dry eye in the house when I finally lowered the poem and closed with a simple,

"I love you all."

MaggiesWishes 61F

12/28/2005 4:35 am

It rarely amazes me that people "never get the holiday" meaning. What complexes me most, is they take on a new attitude, for those 10 little days before the New Year turns over ... and then all is forgotten. The joy, the peace, the sadness, the spirit of one's self is lost again to the hustle of the everyday surroundings.

If we take but a little from your poem ... and keep it in our pocket, may it bring us warmth, smiles and love from those we know or meet along the way.

Thank you for sharing, hun

Kudo's on hitting the "nail" in the center.
warm wishes & champange bubbles

CyberHeroNAlbNY 51M
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12/30/2005 2:09 am

Thanks for your kind words, Maggie.

I have always enjoyed giving during the holidays most of all. Seeing the happiness on others' faces as they find that I was able to get them what they thought they wanted most for the holiday.

Never before had I had such an outpouring of emotion and thanks from those close to me after reading this poem.

In spite of all of the commercialization of Christmas and the holidays giving something personal and from the heart means more to others than anything that can be purchased in a store.

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