Hitch-hiking in WA. part II  

CuteAZguy27 40M
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7/23/2005 11:36 am

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Hitch-hiking in WA. part II

Cut and paste preview of yesterday -

The boat reaches the other side, we both meet at the car and start loading off....then this stranger asks if i smoked weed, i laughed and said i havent done that since i was in highschool (being all proud it was only 2 years ago of my diploma) and then he says the strangest thing ill never forget...."Do you mind if i do?" and pulls out a sack of weed with a pipe in his breast pocket ! ....and we havent even left the dock yet we are still following the next car off the boat-and as im looking over at this guy in shock and he's staring at me with curiosity, we pass a security guard and he tilts his head to his should and was talking to the clip on walkie-talkie thing as he is staring at my little red honda driving 4 mph following the car in front of me....well nothing happened with security guard guy, yet i said "Yes i do mind !" and the stranger says ok, no problem. so for the hour and half we talk about everything from cats to zebra's to that one day when "old yeller" died.

(did you ever notice when your traveling long distances and your blabbering away at a conversation with each other not just yourself here--that makes the listener a whole lot more bored) your at your destination a whole faster than watching trees of green blur ?}

I remember this grungy stranger had quite a few stories under his belt, some really neat, some OMG and just want to push him out of the car-but after getting to know him and both of us jabbering away, it ended up being a great trip-even though as soon as he would close my car door he would smoke the weed up.

As we aproached my town of Port Angeles (Anne-je(m)-less my heart was already soft for this guy and as for those who know my heart is softer than water (try to figure that one out)-so i said, you hungry ?(Wich i know he would be once that weed was gone lol) and before he could comment- i said, well i am too-lets go to Mcdonald's...we pull up to the drive-thrue. i order what, i say get what you want the menue its on me. So he does and we are on our away again.

He then says, you can just drop me off here, i said i have a better plan *I Smile*....he says what ? I said well my apartment is only a few blocks from here (oh bloggers, i loved this place even today....it was HUGE, spacious-and very cheap-just very cold in the winter, unless your warming up under the sheets with that "other person") and since its so close, how about if i give you one last treat before i send you off ? With his meal almost gone, "he says whats that?" I said " I may not be able to give you clean clothes, yet i can provide soap and shampoo for your body." He was shocked "you...you....you would do that?" I said "i sure will-Oh here we are."

What happened next bloggers ? What did he say ? Did i provide anything else giving of the hospitality ? Did he do anything wrong seeing my trust in him ?

we will find out tomorrow Morning on the conclusion of my adventure with this Hitch-hiker of Washington State.


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goddessofbitches 42M/34F

7/25/2005 1:22 pm

HEY....which one in that circle is looking up my skirt...don't hold us in suspense...I've gotta turn the pages...


Always The Bitch

paintmeblue 63M

7/27/2005 4:55 pm

Where's the next part? Now you've got me in suspense.

CuteAZguy27 40M
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8/2/2005 7:16 am

* i look up just in time to see this guilty young man expatbrit49 pull his arm away and giggle at the situation* ok that it, MR. .....expatbrit49 your going to go sit in that corner right over there facing the wall.

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