Women who enjoy sex - a common component of my fantasies.  

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4/5/2005 5:36 am

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Women who enjoy sex - a common component of my fantasies.

I was thinking about my fantasies, and most exciting real life sexual experiences, and I realized that they almost always have something in common. What? The fact that the women in question actually enjoy the sex. What's more they want to have sex, either to satisfy themselves, or to pleasure their partner(s).

Then I considered my own sex life. I certainly enjoy sex, and possibly one of the reasons I enjoy giving oral so much is that it seems to be something most ladies love to receive. My wife, on the other hand, no longer even pretends to enjoy sex. Is it that she no longer enjoys sex with me? Is it because she feels that she should reciprocate by giving me a blowjob, or at least letting me fuck her, and doesn't want to? Is it that she doesn't want sex at all? (If so, that's something I really don't understand... except for when I'm physically unwell.) Is there anything I can do to help her enjoy sex again so she wants it as badly as I do?

In her blog [blog mackey05] observed: So many married people I know are completely miserable and stay in their marriages. It saddens me to see anyone suffer and so many times I have asked others why they haven't tried to work things out... If they have, and things cannot be fixed or rebuilt, then I ask why they don't leave. What a good question. I have asked myself something very similar at times. When I joined this site, had I already given up on my marriage? I'd like to think not, because I do love my wife very much. I can't see my world without her. It's just that I also have problems seeing it without a better sex life. I wish there was some way to make her understand that I still want to rip her clothes off and have sex until we are both completely satisfied.

Unfortunately, for me at least, part of the satisfaction that comes from sex is knowing that my partner wanted it too. That, in a nutshell, is what is so great about many (if not most) of the women on this site. Despite how society say women should behave, they know what they want - sexually speaking - and are not afraid to do something about getting it.

Oh, and why am I disappointed? Because I don't remember any of my dreams last night. Sigh. I really hoped I'd be able to replay the dream I wrote about before.

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