The first woman I tasted....  

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3/18/2005 1:11 pm

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The first woman I tasted....

I guess it's a common thing on here to share stories about our experiences, so I thought I'd let you know about this one.

Aside from a few curious moments before puberty struck (when I let some of my female classmates see what was in my underwear for a view of what was in theirs) when it came to sex I started late. It wasn't so much a lack of interest as a lack of others interested in me! For many years, my only experience of sex was seeing the occasional pornographic magazine, and jerking off every night.

I thought that would all change when I got to university. Without my parent's around, who would know (or care) if I brought a girl or two to bed. The problem was I didn't know how to go about inviting them. (I guess, based on the lack of sex with my wife I still don't!) Instead, I spent more and more time learning what people appeared to like by downloading pictures from the internet. (This was before the days of cheap digital cameras and the world-wide-web). From these pictures, it became clear that many women loved to have a tongue probe their intimate regions. I couldn't help wonder what that would taste like.

Fast forward to when I met my wife. About three months after we started dating she finally loosened up to the point that she allowed me to touch her cunt. I still remember the excitement with which I pushed aside the wet fabric of her knickers. For a few moments I fingered her, but then curiosity got the better of me and I knew I had to find out what she tasted like. Pushing her knees a little further apart I knelt between them.

"What are you doing?" she murmured as I kissed the inside of her thigh. I didn't answer. I was going to taste my first pussy juice and nothing would have stopped me. I kissed her leg a couple more times, each time getting closer to my target. Then I licked her for the first time. "Oh my god," she moaned, but made no attempt to stop me.

I don't remember what I had expected the taste to be like, but I do know that she tasted much better than I expected. I don't know how long I licked her for, but I carried on until she reached a noisy orgasm. As she did so, I knew I would never get tired of that taste, and wondered if fucking would be just as much fun.

I still love to lick and suck a woman to orgasm today, but my wife appears less interested. It doesn't help that when I do get the chance it feels like I am suffocating down there, and almost always get some of her pubes stuck in my throat. I also find myself wondering what different women taste like. One of my fantasies is to be allowed to do a "taste test" on several women. Like most fantasies, that will probably never come true... but if it does, I'll certainly write about it here.

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