Getting Even - Part 2  

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Getting Even - Part 2

I finally got around to finishing the story that I started earlier. I hope you enjoy it....

Susan hesitated for a moment, unsure of herself. Part of her wanted to tell them to stop, but another part of her was more aroused than she had ever been before in her life, and didn't want to waste the chance to have any of these hunky guys playing with her well-lubricated snatch.
Jack's warm breath felt like a gentle summer breeze on her bare shoulder. His scent filled her nostrils, a combination of soap and after-shave that Susan found very attractive. She put her hand on his shirt, feeling the well defined muscles beneath. He bent his face towards her, as if to kiss her. Susan opened her mouth slightly, and moved to meet him.
The first touch of his lips was so gentle that Susan barely realized their lips had met. Then Jack put his hand behind her head and held her gently as he kissed her again. This time, there was no denying the passion behind his embrace. Susan couldn't even remember the last time she had been kissed like that. It was as if his kiss had somehow unlocked all her senses, and they were fighting for her attention. She could hear the breating of eveyone in the room. She could smell the unique scents of all her visitors. She could feel Jack's fingers caressing her niples through the fabric of her bra, and BIll's fingers stroking the curve of her ass. She could see the bulge in his trousers where Jack's cock waited for her to release it. Susan could almost taste his pre-cum, and the knowledge of what she was about to do made her even wetter than before.
"What a peach of a pussy!" Bill exclaimed softly gazing at her exposed genitals. "I bet it tastes as sweet and juicy as it looks!"
Susan didn't respond. Instead, she quickly unbuttoned Jack's shirt and ran her hands over his torso. He responded by kissing her neck as he continued to fondle her breasts. Reaching behind her, Susan undid her bra, letting the straps fall from her shoulders. Then, her fingers trembling slightly with anticipation, she unbuttoned Jack's trousers. As she lowered the zipper the head of Jack's penis appeared from inside his boxer shorts, a drop if clear fluid emerging from its tip. Susan stroked it, enjoying the feel of it against her fingers as it got harder still. As she did so, she felt someone gently push her labia apart, then run their tongue along the groove between them. She closed her eyes, basking in the sensations of the cock in her hand and the mouth now softly sucking on her clitoris. Knowing that they belonged to two different men was almost too much.
Moving slowly, Susan bent closer to Jack's dick. He appeared to be slightly larger than her husband, both in length and width. Not too much, Susan thought, but enough that she would probably be able to feel it when she let him penetrate her. But that would come later. For now, she was going to do for Jack what she knew almost every guy loved - give him a blow-job to remember.
As soon as she was close enough, Susan stuck out her tongue and gathered the glistening drop of pre-cum. It was replaced almost instantly by another one. After kissing Jack's shaft, the new drop was collected in the same way as the first. Then she grasped his boxer shorts and pulled them down. For a moment, Jack's errect member got caught on the fabric, but then his underwear fell to the floor and Susan got her first full view. For a moment, she gazed at his balls. They looked large and heavy, no doubt full of cum. Susan fantasized for a moment how it would feel as he unloaded them later, then let her mouth engulf as much as she comfortably could of his dick.
"Oh my!" gasped Jack, as Susan went to work on his cock. "I guess you enjoy this huh?"
It was true, Susan did enjoy performing oral sex, almost as much as she enjoyed people practicing oral sex on her. She wasn't sure where she had aquired that from. Perhaps it was the way many women didn't like it, so guys were always very appreciative of women who were willing to give them a decent blowjob. Come to that, most women appreciated a little tongue action on their genitals too, although the last time Susan had a female playmate was over fifteen years ago.
As she continued to slurp on Jack's cock, Susan felt the tongue which had been lapping insistently at her quim depart. For a moment, she was disappointed, but before she had a chance to react she felt her knickers being removed. They fell, warm and damp, around her ankles. Stepping out of them, Susan kicked the now superflous garment away. Warm hands on her butt and thigh instructed her silently. Susan complied, letting them guide her onto the couch where she lay down, leaning on the armrest so she could still reach Jack's rigid phallus.
Susan knew that the reason she was now on the couch was to give the guys better access to her cunt, which was a good thing. As much as she had enjoyed Bill licking her twat she really wanted to feel a good hard errection fill the void between her thighs. Recently her best option had been the trusty vibrator which lay at the back of her underwear drawer, but that was cold and lifeless when compared to the real thing. Still concentrating on Jack, Susan opened her legs in what she hoped the guys would recognise as an invitation.
Fortunately, it seemed that these guys were significantly less dense than her fuckwit husband, because a few seconds later Susan felt the warmth of another body near, but not touching hers. She couldn't see who it was because Jack was in the way, but she didn't really care either. Something hot and hard touched her labia. Susan pushed back gently. Instantly the object was removed.
A few moments passed, and then it was back again, pressing gently at her entrance. Susan couldn't stop herself from pushing back again. This time she managed to get the tip inside her about half an inch before it vanished as it had before.
"Come on guys!" Jack's voice was pleasant and soothing. "It's not fair to tease her like that. Who knows when she last had a good fucking? Either give her what she wants or swap places with me and I'll make sure she gets it!"
"Thank God!" thought Susan. "At least someone understands what I need!"
The thought was barely complete before she felt the touch again. This time Susan resisted the urge to push back. For a moment she thought that they would continue to tease her, but then she felt the pressure increase slightly as the head of Bill's cock insinuated itself past her wet willing lips and into the void beyond. He paused briefly, as if allowing her the chance to change her mind, then sank his entire length inside her. Susan nearly had an orgasm, partially at the realization that she had just allowed a man who was almost a stranger to penetrate her, but mostly because it had been so long since she believed anyone wanted to.
Bill must have felt her tense slightly, because he lay motionless, allowing her to become accustomed to his presence. Susan lay there, enjoying the feel of his body against hers, the warmth of his shaft inside her. Jack cleared his throat, and Susan realized that while she still had his cock in her mouth, she probably hadn't done anything with it for almost a minute. She started to suck again. As she did so Bill pulled back and started to fuck her.
Slowly at first, but with ever increasing speed and intensity, Bill's rigid member slid deep inside before retreating. As it withdrew it left Susan feeling empty, and she waited impatiently for the next thrust to fill her once more. Each time it did so, she felt her confidence grow. She was a desirable sexy woman. If her husband didn't see it, that was his problem. Clearly she could find someone willing to show her a good time - heck she had found three without even trying.
Susan had been so caught up in the moment that she hadn't noticed the effect her actions were having on Jack. It was only when his penis started to throb that Susan knew he was about to cum. For a brief instant she wondered if she should stop, but then Susan decided to do what her husband was always asking for. A couple more good sucks was all it needed, before she felt Jack's shaft spasm wildly, filling her mouth with his cream.
Susan wasn't sure if it was the cum in her mouth, or the action of Bill's cock as it continued to pound her pussy, but whatever the reason Susan knew she was about to have a huge orgasm. For a moment, Susan wasn't sure she'd be able to handle Jack's load in time. She swallowed as much as she could, before the orgasm took hold. From somewhere deep inside her, Susan wasn't sure where, came an animalistic roar as she lost control of her body. As her snatch tightened involuntarily around Bill, Susan felt a familiar throbbing deep inside her as he came too. It almost felt like a second heart, beating gently in the depths of her groin.
Unable to do anything except surrender to the moment, Susan felt a dribble of Jack's semen escape from the corner of her mouth before his cock stopped quivering against her tongue. As soon as she could, Susan gently sucked the last few drops from his rapidly softening member and released it. Looking him straight in the eye Susan licked her lips, using her fingers to gather the wayward cum into her mouth. She was surprised to realize that she had actually enjoyed the taste of his seed too. In fact, she was already wondering if there would be another chance to suck him off soon.
"Yummmm! That was good!"
"You're telling me." Replied Jack. "I don't think I've ever enjoyed a blowjob so much!"
"What about you, Bill? Did you have fun?"
Bill gave her a crooked grin, his rapidly subsiding penis still burried inside her. "You could say that!" Slowly, he withdrew his now limp member. Susan looked down at it, slick and glossy with their combined fluids. Part of her still couldn't believe that she had just had sex with two men, in front of a third, but there was no denying the fact that she had loved every moment. There was also no denying the fact that her inner slut had been unleashed and wanted more. She hoped Bob was up to the challenge.
Out of the corner of her eye, Susan noticed that the clock on the VCR read 17:10. That meant her husband would be home at any moment, assuming of course he really had been at work this afternoon. For a moment Susan wondered if she should stop, but then she remembered that night when the bastard had told her he had been sleeping around.
He hadn't even tried to soften the blow. No flowers. No romantic evening out. He had just come straight out with it and told her that he had been screwing some bimbo. He had even tried to blame her for it, by suggesting that he had gone to the other woman because she wasn't willing to fuck him the way he needed.
Of course, she had suspected something was up. Things between them just hadn't felt the same for several months. He seemed more withdrawn and irritable, and never seemed to have quite as much money available after all the bills were paid than Susan had expected. She had sometimes tried to call him at work, just for a chat, only to be told that he was out visiting customers or in a meeting. Sometimes he had been, she had no doubt, but others had probably been a cover for an afternoon in bed with his slut. Well this afternoon it was her turn to play the slut and have a little fun. After all, the worst that could happen would be for him to walk in on their little party, and find her new friends taking care of what should have been his job!
"So Bob," said Susan, "Did you just want to watch me getting some, or would you like to fuck too?"
"Have you ever known a real man who turned down an offer to fuck you? I just wasn't sure that we'd have enough time." Bob replied.
Susan smiled wickedly. "I'm not sure we do, but I don't think it's fair if your friends get to cum and you don't. After all, it was you who invited them. Still, perhaps it would be best if they put a few more clothes on. I think even he would get annoyed to walk in and find you all with your cocks hanging out! Now be a good boy and come here!"
Bob didn't need a second invitation. As soon as he was ready Susan guided him towards her entrance. As his tip insinuated its way inside her she almost had another orgasm. Never before had she experienced two guys in one day, nor had she ever expected to, even though it had always featured as a favorite fantasy.
Susan wasn't sure if Bob was slightly smaller than Bill, or if it was just that her twat had been so well loosened and lubricated by its previous occupant. Whatever the reason, Bob's cock felt like it belonged there. It also seemed that they had the perfect rhythm. Every time he pulled back for another thrust, Susan let him slip almost all the way out before raising herself towards him, begging him to return. When he did so, her hungry twat devoured the entire length of his shaft, their bodies slapping together noisily before the force of his thrust pushed her back down into the sofa.
It wasn't long before Susan realized that she was going to cum again. There was something more this time too. She had no idea what Bob was doing differently, but nobody had ever made her body feel the way it did now. She could feel the orgasm building deep down inside her. Slowly the sensations grew, building one on top of another. When the moment came, it was as if something had burst inside her. Unable to do anything but give in to the sensations Susan became aware of the warm juices flowing from her cunt. For a moment she was afraid that she had lost control of her bladder, but that seemed not to be the case. Then it came to her, she had actually experienced female ejaculation!
"Good girl!" Cooed Bob. "Now it's my turn!"
Without slowing down Bob guided her into a slightly different position. Susan could feel every ridge and vein of his engorged shaft as Bob carried on fucking her. She couldn't remember having been as aware of any cock inside her like that before either, but then she had never been so thoroughly screwed as she was being this afternoon. She just hoped that Bob would be satisfied enough to repeat the experience again soon!
A few seconds after that thought crossed her mind, Susan felt a familiar throbbing inside her as Bob finally succumbed. God! That felt so good! It was almost like a second heartbeat deep inside her as he emptied his balls into her willing body. Susan smiled at him.
"Good boy! I was beginning to worry that you were planning to leave here without letting me satisfy you."
"So what if I hadn't let you satisfy me," enquired Bob as he got dressed once more.
"Oh no," replied Susan, "I wouldn't be a good hostess if I didn't make sure you had a good time. That would just be rude!"
"Well you needn't worry, you've been an excellent hostess! Hasn't she guys?"
Bill and Jack nodded appreciatively. Susan smiled back at them, enjoying the way their eyes continued to flit over her nude body.
"That's all right then. Unfortunately I'm afraid the party is over. My husband will be home soon."
When the guys were all dressed, Susan walked them all to the door and opened it for them. Because the house was on a cul-de-sac, there was little chance that anone would see, but Susan still felt a thrill of excitement at her brazen nakedness.
Susan kissed Bob, full and firm on the lips.
"Thank you, I had a great time this afternoon. I hope you did too."
Bob blushed. "You had better believe it."
"I hoped you would say that. Is there another game next weekend?"
"I'm sure there must be."
"Good! If you want to come over again, you're more than welcome. Perhaps you would even be interested in the pre-game show."
Bob raised an eyebrow. "Is that an invitation?"
Susan smiled, "Perhaps. Oh, and if you wanted to bring a few more friends along they would be welcome too!"
Bob looked at Susan incredulously. She just smiled, and closed the door.
Enjoying her nudity, Susan gathered up the beer glasses from the living room and gave them a quick wash. She had barely finished when she heard the garage door opener whirr into life. The asshole was home. For a moment, Susan thought about greeting him in the nude, but decided that would just be asking for trouble. Quickly she dashed back into the living room and put her dress back on. If he asked what she had done, or happened to try and take her to bed then she would tell him about her afternoon, but somehow Susan didn't think it was likely.
Sure enough, her husband barely gave her a second glance. Instead he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, grabbed a beer from the fridge and headed into the living room where he plopped himself down on the sofa, popped the can and took a deep slurp. Earlier today, Susan though to herself, that reaction would have got me screaming mad but after this afternoon's activities I feel much more relaxed. It didn't even bug her when after a couple of hours and few more beers her husband announced that he was tired, was going to bed, and expected not to be disturbed.
Later that evening, as Susan was performing her nightly routine of chores she suddenly realized something. There on the floor of the family room, in plain sight for anyone who was paying attention, lay her knickers. In itself that may not have been too bad, but if anyone had looked more closely it was clear that the crotch was still soaking wet. Susan smiled to herself. Perhaps she had been a little bit careless, but it would be very easy for her to make sure there was no stray underwear the next time. She was sure nobody would be upset when they found out she wasn't wearing any.

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