Are AFF employees having too much fun?  

CuntSlurpa 47M
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4/4/2005 12:31 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Are AFF employees having too much fun?

Well I posted a new blog entry this morning, and it hasn't yet been made public.

There are several reasons I can think of why this might be the case....

1) Because AdultFriendFinder employees need to read it through first (to make sure I haven't included anything naughty like a direct contact email address which would mean they don't get any money.

2) Because it was a longer posting, which would require longer to read, and so it went to the bottom of the list.

3) Because they are having more fun looking at the pictures, videos, and other things people are posting. How erotic can words be, after all!

4) Because I am (currently) a standard male user, and therefore not likely to bring in many more paying users. If I were an exhibitionist female with big tits and no knickers my post would already be approved.

5) Because they enjoyed the dream I wrote about so much they needed to take a break and "relieve" themselves first!

My vote is for number 4.

O.K. so AdultFriendFinder, and the other sites are just a money making venture, but isn't there a risk that by being so slow to make updates they will lose people to other blog sites?

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