There are so many HOT Perth ladies  

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9/15/2005 8:06 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

There are so many HOT Perth ladies

The more times I look at this site and the ladies with pictures, the more I realise you ladies are just so damned sexy.

The weather was warmer here today, and that brings skirts and blouses out. Driving past the train station this morning there were a few ladies with black tights/stockings on and that just makes me ache.

I love looking at a well dressed lady walk. The way her bottom moves either in nice pants or a nice skirt. The way the slash in the skirt parts to reveal a little more leg.

I walked passed a lady in Hay Street today and our eyes locked, and she seemed to look deep into me. I'm not bold with strangers, if you give me a strong signal, I'll catch on, but I'm not a pestering kind of bloke. So I let it go, and just turned back to look, hoping she might look back, but she didn't.

Outside the King's hotel there was a lady lawyer sat drinking coffee, a few months back now. She'd crossed her legs which revealed one leg all the way to the stocking top. She looked so beautiful. I had to touch myself later thinking about her. Her image stuck with me all day.

Ever had that, a chance brief encounter that just lingers inexplicably?

Luv 2 u all

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