Blocking is funny...  

Cuddley_fun 45
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3/27/2006 6:06 pm
Blocking is funny...

I love how some people say what they like to me, but I cant reply to their emails, cause they block me. I LOL when this happens, its only happened twice on AdultFriendFinder, 1 was from a girl from thailand who only wanted to find chat buddies. I asked all the normal questions, no sexual ones. She asked me about me, I told her, then she went really funny and started abusing me and calling me a fat pig. Yes I am a big guy, I said, but she was getting nasty and before I could respond, she blocked me off everything, (bloody weird).

The other one was recent, I sent a message, cause she was looking for singles, attached and couples. I asked her if I can learn more about her, I told her to read my blog, and get back to me. She replied, told me I was an exibitionalist, (the reason for one of my blogs). She also said I was too honest and open, and she found me disgusting.

I tried to respond to her, all I typed was that that was not very nice and anyone who puts any part of their body on here is an exibitionalist in my book. But she blocked me, so I cant respond to her, so I decided to put what I was going to say to her on here.

As you see I will not put your names to this, I think that to do that would make me out as a asshole, I am not.....

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