Late Night Sex  

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8/19/2006 5:35 am
Late Night Sex

My wife just had gotten out of the shower it was approx. 11:30pm.,She strolled into the bedroom and was only wearing her undies, mmmm thats what i was thinking.Well we was laying in the bed together, I asked her if i could touch her pussy lips she said yes, so then i proceeded, i pulled her undies to the side and put a couple fingers into her hott wett pussy and began to rub her clit.She then a lil while began to moan and squirm around cause of the orgasms it was giving her, She then stated to me her lover (Greg) did that to her in the park the other day, Well that got things moving alot,My dick began to swell with a good hard on,Just thinking of her lover doing this to her and her moaning an thinking about him was putting me wright on the edge of blowing a load.Well then not long she reached over an got the Ky Warming Jel and rubbed it on my Hard Dick an began to stroke it very well after a while she asked me to get over top of her and rub my dick on her clit so i did an she just started to pour with orgasms after that i layed back down beside her and she rooled over to me and told me to stroke myself, So i did and while strokeing she was telling me how she wanted Greg to do her in our bed and how she wanted his dick etc...Then she asked me to stand up beside the bed so i did and she rubbed some more Ky Warming Gel on my Dick and then she got up on all four's on the edge of the bed and lowered her chest to the bed with her ass up and told me to fuck her how i wanted her lover Greg to fuck her, well i put it to her good, I was pumpn her hot pussy so well she was moaning out loud, She would say is that how you want him to do me? I said yes and more i want him to blow his hot cum all over you and she said Oh Yes hon that will be done.I went on for lil while longer and blew a load in her and pulled out an blew another load onto her ass, Then i put it back in and pumped her some more, she said oh back for seconds huh, I was pumping away at her an she was moaning loudly. well that is the end of this night it was about 2am once we was done.

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