Late Night Anal Sex  

Cuckold26101 51M/46F
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9/10/2006 3:02 pm
Late Night Anal Sex

My wife and I was laying in bed last night approx. tweleve am. We was surfing threw the tv channels and came across a channel 451 which was some sort of adult movie. We watched it for lil while and the wife stated we can watch something alot better,She said lets put a dvd porn in, I said sure. Well we put a porn dvd in which was about interracial gangbangs. Once we got it started it was mostly showing large black cocks doing white women in the ass and pussy and blow jobs. After watching for lil while i reached over an started to caress her nipples and then a lil later reached down an rubbed her outside of her panties around her pussy lips, Then she said lets get her toys out, So she did, she got out the anal
pleaser and her new jelly 6" viberator. She then had me strip an stroke my 5" thick dick, While watching her use her didlo on her self and she already started to have orgasms watching the large blk cocks doing the white women it was great, then she took her anal pleaser and put lubracation on it and pushed it up in to her ass and it is electric which has a control pad and she turned it up and it really got her having orgasms in the ass,I said to her you need yourself a nice large blk dick to do you good and she while moaning said oh yes i surely do and once i find one you can watch him do me,That made me so rock hard after about ten to fifeteen minutes useing the anal pleaser she took it out and ask me to shove my dick into her ass, so i moved closer to her ass and held onto my dick an placed the head of my dick into her ass and then she said go on shove it on in, so i did, it was very well wet an luberacated and i started to pump her wet hot ass deep and hard. Then she started to get really worked up watchn the blk dicks give it to a white woman and me doing her in the ass, All i could think about was I wish i knew a few blk males willing to give her a good time as the woman on the dvd.After about ten minutes i was building big time and told her i was going to put some hot cum into her ass and she really had orgasms, Then after couple more minutes I blew a large load of hot cum into her ass an she felt it and was satisfied.We then went and cleaned up and went to bed around one am.

two413sum 64M/43F

7/5/2007 11:46 am

loved this one. makes my cock so hard reading your stories. all i think about is my cock in her ass. i so hope you get with me soon so i can see if it's as good as all say.


rm_masterchaz30 49M
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12/1/2006 8:42 am

I might consider a session with your wife, as Pennsylvania is not too far. Tell me how you might imagine her to be dominated by a black master. I look forward to your description.


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